31 March 2014

Steve Lacy Three-The Lost Tracks from Capers,1979

I was pretty pissed off years ago when i bought the CD, New York capers and quirks, only to find that almost half the material had been left off including my favourite piece "the crunch" where Ronnie Boykins seems most inventive(and audible), i had given the scratchy old beige soft cover double lp away , because it sounded muddy, and i'd ordered the cd from a shop..
This reissue box edition from 1981 is a huge sonic improvement , on the first edition.
Boykins is not as audible as on the cd versions.. but otherwise the sound is great..
Anyone know why this material hasn't been reissued?

The Crunch is particularly great one of those  sprawling blow out monsters, like the thing, where Lacy stretches his extended technique to the limit.
Dennis Charles Beating out Melodic Martial tattoo like rhythms in unison with Lacy is a Joyous aural feast, a pity this trio didn't record more!
recorded live at soundscape by Peter Kuhn on December 29-1979


SOTISE said...


Scraps said...

Another awesome post! My birthday is two days from now -- my fiftieth -- but this feels like it!

Anonymous said...

Vitko set on your blog DPIMR five months ago, Hat Hut 2R14, edition of 1981, in his interesting package.


Thank you, Peter

SOTISE said...

i'd be surprised if Vikto's remaster sounds anywhere as good as a straight vinyl rip!

Bill said...

Thanks, Sotise, major Lacy. With Charles and Boykins! What a treat.

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks.

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Sotise. I only had the CD reissue. The missing tracks are most welcome.