31 July 2018


R.I.P - DEWEY JOHNSON 06.11.1939 - 27.06.2018


Dewey Johnson, trumpet
Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone
Karen Borca, bassoon
Maryanne Driscoll, piano, voice
Paul Murphy, drums

1. Fantasy     14:52
2. Voices      04:16
3. Calling     04:06
4. Open        12:05
5. Cloudburst  03:33

Live two-track recording at RCA Studio A, New York on February 25, 1983 by Paul Goodman.


(vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...
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sandor essedy said...

& w/ Jimmy Lyons! It's look a very good one; thanks a lot.

David said...

Jimmy ... any time. THANK YOU.

paul w. said...

hi onxidlib,

many thanks for this gem - really a very good free jazz record. it's a fantastic post especially for jimmy lyons and karen borca fans. there are not too many recordings of karen borca - in my opinion the best female free jazz improviser. and this record seems to be very rare one - i have never seen it in any record store including the biggest ones in usa, canada, u.k. and germany.
best regards.
paul w.

Anonymous said...

And recording of Dewy Johnson is very rare, I guess. Other his recordings I know are Coltrane's "Ascension" and Paul Murphy's "Red snapper" only.

Anonymous said...

murphy was quite active on youtube postings for a while. first dug him in spearman's trio. whipsnap of the quicksilver paradiddles! i owe my long passion for bassoon to karen borca and, I suppose, maurice ravel. absolutely loved her on eneidi's 'final disconnect notice.'

Wallofsound said...

Very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Dewey's also on Paul Bley's "Barrage" (rec. 1964.10.15 for ESP).

[This one's new to me. Thanks for posting.]

santos curser said...

It is not like there is a ton of Jimmy Lyons without Cecil Taylor...
and i am not at all familiar with Karen Borca... so this is much appreciated.

Alfie Cooke said...

Is it possible to get a re-up of this? Thanks

onxidlib said...


DW said...

onxidlib, the re-posts of late have all been outstanding. This, however is extraordinary! Thank you, thank you!!

Alfie Cooke said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you!
Dewey Johnson was one of the most under-rated new voices on trumpet in the sixties and its great to hear him. Just a shame he never got more opportunities to record.

rev.b said...

Agreed. Fine trumpeter

correct silence said...

A superbe album taht I discovered not so long ago and a nice way to pay tribute to the memory of another almost unknown great musician.