19 March 2014

L.S.-F.M. "ADONIS 21.10.1983"

This is for Brian and Andy ;-)

Paul Lytton, percussion
Hans Schneider, bass
Floros Floridis, soprano & altosaxophone
Pinguin Moschner, tuba & euphonium

A. Adonis fourth part   [21:21]
B. Adonis second part   [19:27]

Recorded on October 21, 1983 at Theatre Adonis in IH´Dimitria, Greece.

j.n.d.1 CP 962

(lp rip)

My thanks goes to owombat for the original rip.


onxidlib said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one. I'm looking forward to hearing it.


Anonymous said...

paul lytton's name on it, i'll listen; like tiffany on a lampshade. is that an fitting analogy? i don't know.

sikes said...

Hi, could you please add new links, zippy is dead and the other two are acting strange to say the least, it would be greatly appreciated, was looking forward to hearing this, thanks

onxidlib said...

...new link is coming during the next few days.

onxidlib said...


SamRivers D said...

"paul lytton's name on it, i'll listen; like tiffany on a lampshade."

sikes said...

Thanks a lot for the re-up, very much appreciated