13 March 2014


Peter Brötzmann, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Harry Miller, double bass

1. Song For Che (Charlie Haden) 5:40
2. Short Sweet (Miller/Brötzmann) 2:33
3. Swimming Pool (Miller/Brötzmann) 6:03

Recorded live probably summer 1980 in France.

Corbett Vs. Dempsey – cvsg 0019

Note: Edition of 200, the first 50 came with a signed and numbered (by Peter Brötzmann) 96 page art catalog "Brötzmann Paintings & Objects" which is roughly 9 inch by 7 inch perfect bound volume from Corbett Vs. Dempsey Modern Art & Uncommon Objects.

Made for an exhibit of the art of Peter Brötzmann at Corbett Vs. Dempsey Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, October 26, 2007 - November 30, 2007.

Sadly OOP


onxidlib said...


Anonymous said...

ulozto and 1fichier might be good alternatives for larger files.

onxidlib said...

Take a look at Andy's comment about the change at Rapidshare > http://inconstantsol.blogspot.de/2011/01/free-form.html
Scroll down 'til the end.
This means I won't continue with RS.
I know for most of our downloaders RS was a nuissance - at least.
But it was the only filehoster where I could store the files and find them again after f.e. three years - for a reasonable price.
This also meant that I could in many cases re-up a specific recording without making a new rip/scan from the respective OOP LP and/or CD.
This will change next in April and I'm not willing to pay 50 euro per month.
Zippy is good for dl but only for some time.
I shall try another hoster:

Nick said...

Thanks Onxi - been looking for that.

Ripzo Angry said...

This particular production was/is a rip-off, abSOLutely a joke. It does nofavors to either of our heroes, and gives me the shivers it is technically "Legitimate". Come on people, not every turd is blessed; I'm sure something better could have been found...

wightdj said...

Nice one, thanks.

kinabalu said...

Ah, I didn't know this one existed. That's what I like about this blog - it gives me the opportunity to utter those very words.

Otherwise agree with Onx. re. RS. Once you paid your premimum, you were reasonably assured the files would remain there indefinitely, but this very latest price hike is ridiculous. It seems that they're driving at going out of business. I'm not so sure about Rapidgator - I've read that they have a nasty habit of scrapping accounts on the flimsiest suspicion of copyright infringement - without prior warning.

Whatsoever - time to shop around for another filehoster. I'm already using Mega for larger files, so I guess I will be looking for file hosters that don't put restrictions on file size. We'll see.

Btw, both the Brötzmann-Miller-Moholo platters have been rereleased on the Cien Fuegos label, named after a coastal city in Cuba (or, possibly, after a Cuban revolutionary who died in a plane crash in 1959, right after the communists have seized power on the island). Quite appropriate, then, that the Hans Eisler tune "Einheitsfrontlied" has also been reissued on that label (with Brötzmann, van Hove and Bennink).

Anonymous said...

Once again, thanks for the wonderful uploads. Not sorry to see RS go, hopefully we can find something better to replace it.

Anonymous said...

oh look at those kyoot mugs...

Wallofsound said...

Thanks. Miller is inventive in any setting.

Tantris said...

Good one - thank you.

Ripzo Still Angry, but Calming Down said...

Ripzo needs to clarify something. Anyone remember the good ol' tape-trading era? I'm sure a lot of you do! We used to round-out tapes with what the clown called A:Bonus, or B:Bonus / some people may have called it "Filler", or "extra" stuff. Sometimes "Pt.2" of a show,because the end went over the 30min. or 45min.length of the side.[It was great when the C-100s came out, for that very reason.]
Well this particular vanity production, in the clown's humble opinion, isn't even good filler, but of course YMMV. Clown still thinks of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he took away from his family amassing this shit over the years, including the above title. And the thought-process to warn,or encourage a perspective buyer. But he forgot everything is FREE now, so who the hell cares anymore. The old way wasn't better, just different- but it's hard not to feel like a chump sometimes.Sorry for using up valuable elsctrons for this statement, now back to "I,Robot"[the book, not the movie!]

Nick said...

Ripzo, I usually need fewer words as I calm down.

Ripzo Sleepy Now said...

I'm calm now; just watched a "Tom and Jerry" video.