2 February 2014

Wadada Leo Smith - What is Democracy?

What is Democracy? is the second part of Wadada Leo Smith's three-part Ten Freedom Summers, performed by his Golden Quartet and the Ligeti String Quartet over three nights at Café Oto in November 2013, as part of the London jazz festival.

Yes, the message is there, but this is dense, powerful music that delivers its message through elegant complexity. There is a propulsive force that reminds me of Mingus and Cecil Taylor, and Wadada seems to want to make reference to several voices of Miles Davis - I can hear mid-50s Miles to begin with, and Live-Evil later, and it is this changing voice that seems to successfully create the space for the string quartet in the later pieces. Wonderful stuff - let's hope that Radio 3 broadcast more, or that Café Oto release a recording of all three nights - the entire suite is however available as a studio recording (highly recommended).

Many thanks to Tom Philips who recorded this from Radio 3 in excellent quality, and also to Stefano for the artwork included.

Ten Freedom Summers - Second Collection: What is Democracy?

Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Anthony Davis (piano)
John Lindberg (bass)
Anthony Brown (drums)

The Ligetti Quartet
Mandhira de Saram (violin)
Patrick Dawkins (violin)
Richard Jones (viola)
Ben Davis (cello)

00 - Interview + Intro (2.17)
01 - Freedom Summers (6.08)
02 - Medgar Evers (23.55)
03 - Sunday Morning (16.23)
04 - Emmet Till (23.43)

Café Oto, London, 22nd November, 2013


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Thanks for more Wadada.

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I never did comment, but this is a fantastic amendment to the studio recording. Did anybody happen to capture the second broadcast from Radio 3?

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Oh yes. Thanks very much, Tantris - looking forward to hear it - Wadada Leo Smith's music has recently met my ears quiet often - and I'm happy to have some more from him.
Nowadays he sounds still so great.
Finally he's got some more recognition.

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