25 February 2014

Reggie Workman-Summit Conference,2-8-1995, aud

Here's a  good Audience capture of the summit conference band , this was obviously recorded while they were touring the essential postcards Cd.
Nice long chewy set ... thanks to the original Taper/Seeders!
Reggie Workman's Summit Conference

August 2, 1995

Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
(first set only)

Reggie Workman  bass,
Andrew Hill  piano,
Sam Rivers  flute, soprano & tenor sax
Julian Priester  trombone
Pheeroan akLaff  drums

01 Conversation (Sonelius Smith)  25:31
02 Suite Tristan (Workman) 13:15
03 unidentified  8:39
04 Joanne (Hill) 13:29
05 Breath (Priester)  10:06
06 Midnight River Crossing (AkLaff)  5:49

TT 76:49

This quintet of giants came to be as a consequence of Ralph Simon’s offer to Reggie Workman to record a CD for his label Postcards in 1993. The result is the brilliant "Summit Conference" (Postcards  POST1003), highly recommended and still in press.
This show was recorded almost two years later at Yoshi's in Oakland, CA. I can neither find it in a bot list search nor apparently in blogland, so I assume it is uncirculated on the web. This is a remarkably fine audience (or perhaps, on stage) recording with a intimate and very concentrated atmosphere and no distracting noise at all.
On the CDR I received there were very short silent parts near the start and end of tracks 2 and 3 which are probably due to a transfer from a CDR with SBEs.
 I repaired this and retracked all tracks. Pitch is correct (I suppose this comes from a digital source).
 As the levels initially are very low on the original recording, I raised them a little (more so in the very low passages and less so towards the end).
 I also applied a tiny amount of compression to the really loud passages.
 As always, I did all processing in 24bit.

The closing stage announcement identifies track 5 as "Midnight River Crossing" and track 6 as "Breath".
 Both relevant discographers (Ronald Lyles in his Andrew Hill Discography and Rick Lopez in his Sam Rivers Sessionography) do so likewise (see below), but track 5 is clearly the same as Julian Priester's "Breath" on POST1003,
 so I assume that track 6 is "Midnight River Crossing" by Pheeroan akLaff.

There might be a splice in track 1 at 3:32:485. I removed a click there.

All praise goes to the creators of the music, truly a summit conference, and thanks so much to the unknown taper!

Aud > ? > Trade CDR > HD (xACT) > 24 bit edited and remastered (ProTools LE with various plugins) > 16bit PCM (with dither) > tracking (Sound Studio) > flac (8) (xACT)

Entry in the Sam Rivers Sessionography by Rick Lopez

95.08.02 • Reggie Workman's Summit Conference [Audience Recording]
August 2, 1995 / Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
1. Conversation (Sonelius Smith) [25:29]
2. Suite Tristan (Workman) [12:47]
3. unknown title [8:24]
4. Joanne (Hill) [13:24]
5. Midnight River Crossing (AkLaff) [10:11]
6. Breath (Priester) [5:48]

Reggie Workman (bass)
Andrew Hill (piano)
Sam Rivers (flute-2, soprano sax-4, tenor sax-1,5,6)
Julian Priester (trombone)
Pheeroan akLaff (drums)

{Primary Source: CD-R; www.jazzdiscography.com/Artists/Hill/hill-disc.htm}

Entry in the Andrew Hill Discography by Ronald Lyles

Date: August 2, 1995
Location: Yoshi's, Oakland, CA
Label: [private recording]

Reggie Workman (ldr), Sam Rivers (f, ss, ts), Julian Priester (tb), Andrew Hill (p), Reggie Workman (b), Pheeroan akLaff (d)
a. 01   Conversation Piece - 25:10  (Sonelius Smith)
b. 02   Suite Tristan - 12:47  (Reggie Workman)
c. 04   Joanne - 13:08  (Andrew Hill)
d. 05   Midnight River Crossing - 10:00  (Pheeroan AkLaff)
e. 06   Breath - 4:23  (Julian Priester)

Sam Rivers (f) on b; (ss) on c; (ts) on a, d-e.

Group known as Summit Conference.

One additional selection - #3: 8:24 - title unknown.


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Great band, thanks for your attention to detail.

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those are the Seeder from dime-a-dozen's notes!

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wow, thanks, man! - this gig was one of those 'higher plane' concerts - very curious to hear it now

btw, this was at the old Yoshi's on Claremont Ave along the Oakland-Berkeley border - no state of the art sound w/ panoramic seating - these guys would be lucky to get a booking at either of the Y venues nowadays . . .

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