6 February 2014


Serviceton, in the comments to his post of Arthur Blythe's bush baby has kindly also added the classic 1969 Horace Tapscott album 'the giant is awakened' another beauty as yet unreissued on disc except briefly in japan as a semi authorised 'release".

Horace Tapscott - piano
Arthur Blythe - alto Saxophone
David Bryant - bass
Walter Savage Jr - bass
Everett Brown Jr - drums

Recorded April 1, 1969 in Los Angeles
Produced by Bob Thiele
Released on Bob Thiele's Flying Dutchman label

A1. The Giant Is Awakened (Tapscott)     17:19
A2. For Fats (Blythe)                   02:20
B1. The Dark Tree (Tapscott)            06:58
B2. Niger's Theme (Tapscott)            11:54

cheers serviceton!

This a re-up (kind-of) of the 2008 post from Sotise ...
...new links added (from CD re-issue - OOP...)


Big Papi said...

Are there any links for this post? My dad had this lp and I loved it.

J. Mark Beaver said...

This album was issued domestically on CD on RCA Novus in 1991. It was hard to recognize because it had new artwork and was paired with the John Carter/Bobby Bradford Quartet's "Flight For Four" on a CD called 'West Coast Hot.'

Joshua said...

http://rs282.rapidshare.com/files/122802590/tapscottgiant320.rar you're welcome

Anonymous said...

The opening cut is one of the most power pieces that I can think of from this period, itself brimming with Great Black Music.

Blythe on the opener is particularly memorable and moving.

Pity that this monumental work has been so totally ignored. But thanks for introducing it (and much other fabulous music) to me!

Anonymous said...

gulp. this is a killer!

onxidlib said...
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dan said...

Giant Indeed! thank you

Clifford Allen said...

FYI, this will be reissued later in 2014 by the International Phonograph label on CD with the original artwork. They did the Bill Dixon "Intents & Purposes" CD and the Hemphill "Dogon A.D." reissue, so it will definitely be high quality.

onxidlib said...

Clifford - thank you for the information.
Ladies and gentleman - I'll delete the links immediately.
For me it's clear - I will buy the new re-issue.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm a Tapscott's fan , can you reupload the others Tapscott's concerts in the site? Thanks

Tantris said...

Clifford - that's good news, as I have the Bill Dixon and Julius Hemphill CDs that International Phonograph have issued, and they're excellent. I can't see any news, or details of future releases on their website - do you know what else they might do in 2014?

Lee said...

That is great news about the reissue! They just put out the Carter/Bradford session Flight for Four. I love that they're bringing back these classics.