12 February 2014


A. Mannenberg ~ 'Is Where It's Happening'

B. The Pilgrim

Robbie Jansen, alto saxophone, flute
Paul Michaels, bass
Monty Weber, drums
Dollar Brand, piano
Basil Coetzee, tenor saxophone, flute

As Shams Records - The Sun ‎– SRK 786134

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...
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onxidlib said...

According the discography the recording date was June 1974, in Capetown.
Also there's one musician not mentioned on the cover: Morris Goldberg, alto saxophone on the title "Mannenberg".
And the piano solo intro to "The Pilgrim" is titled "What really happened in the cornfield".
Plus - sorry to spoil the fun (only realising it while writing) - it is available as part of "Voice of Africa" CD on Camden Records.
At least I am regularly ordering it for the shop through import from the Netherlands.

taro nombei said...

I've enjoyed this for many a year. Buty I don7t think I've ever heard The Pilgrim.
totally appreciated!
And all the best from over here…

-Otto- said...

onixdlib is right. The two tracks are included on Camden CDN 1007. I like the original cover, though; the one from the As Shams - The Sun - South African release that we can see in the post above.

Nick said...

Short, but sweet here too. Didn't see the compilation.

corvimax said...

It has been released also in 1977, Bellaphon records, with title "Cape Town Fringe". track one is called Cape town fringe instead of Mannenberg, but same lenght, same musicians, I downloaded it to make sure, it looks exactly the same to me