9 January 2014



1. Florida
2. Keetje Tippel
3. Ricochet
4. Taibe Duet


Radio Nederland - 6808.653/659

Vinyl Rip


paul w. said...

hi nick,
many thanks for this great post. for me it's never too much of willem breuker kollektief. in my opinion it can be the european answer for sun ra arkestra. kollektief always mixes the examples taken from european classical music with free jazz and avantgarde in a very interesting and quite unusual way. there are still many kollektief albums released on vinyl only and never so far posted in the blogland. your record was not mentioned in any breuker discography that i checked so far. once again thank you very much. great music, really.

-Otto- said...

Splendid! Just splendid!

Thank you, Nick!

Lucky said...

Personnel announced by Michiel de Ruyter on the record:

Willem Breuker: bass clarinet, alto saxophone
Boy Raaymakers: trumpet
Jan Wolff: French horn
Willem van Manen: trombone
Bernard Hunnekink: trombone
Bob Driessen: alto saxophone
Maarten van Norden: tenor saxophone
Arjen Gorter: bass
Rob Verdurmen: drums

The line-up indicates that the performance must be around 1977 (the year of issue of this LP), since both Ronald Snijders and Leo Cuypers are already absent. Just an idea, though.

onxidlib said...

Great share - thank you Nick!

-Otto- said...

Luckily, in the intro, the announcer identifies the musicians (but not the date or venue):

WB - bcl, sax
Roy Raaymakrs - tp
Willem van Manen tb
Bob Driessen - sax
Bernard Hunneking - tb
Maarten van Norden - ts
Jan Wolff - frh
Arjen Gorter - b
Rob Verdurmen - dr

all pretty much the usual collaborators in the WBK of the 70s - with the exception of Leo Cuypers who does NOT join them on piano for this session.

-Otto- said...

Ha! Lucky already posted what I had to say. Sorry about the duplicate. You may just decide to ignore my previous comment.

sandor essedy said...

short but a famous Breuker; thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!
The very prolific Breuker is sorely missed...

sotise said...

wonderful music, thanks!

Nick said...

Thanks Lucky and Otto - I was a bit tired when I posted this and forgot the intro!

Lucky said...

thank you, nick - also for the mengelberg/bennink set! :))))

the music is the main thing, the info is just a bit of extra for us weirdos to place it in history. mengelberg doesn't give a damn about recording artifacts - he lives in "the now". but since i'm not mm, i love to listen to the icp-box. ;)

Matt Weiner said...

According to the promotional material in my copy of the record, this was recorded September 21, 1976, in Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

don't understand why i try to download from any of the three sites provided, i get the just intonation toolkit but none of the Breuker tracks….any advice?


Nick said...

Don't know anon, it works fine

Lawrence said...

Michiel de Ruyter's announcements on this record always cracked me up. It also cracked Willem up... This is great stuff. I have this box set mothballed and I'm glad someone ripped it for all to hear.

sikes said...

Hi, could you please re-up this, i would appreciate it a lot if you could do that, thanks so much

Nick said...



Nick said...

I found the paper work with the track lists too.

-Otto- said...

Thanks for the new scans too, Nick. It becomes a real pedigree affair now with all the paperwork included. But honestly, that information is good to have too. Very much appreciated.

sikes said...

Thanks a lot for re-upping, really looking forward to this, thanks

David said...

A reup would be great, thanks!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi David - tried to locate it but I haven't found it.