16 January 2014


ARTHUR BLYTHE, alto sax and percussion
OLU DARA, trumpet and piano
DAVID MURRAY, tenor sax and percussion
RAHSAAN, drums and telephone bells

1. Back from where you came  8:44
2. Flowers for Albert  10:17
3. Sentiments for the New World patriots  9:12
4. A woman is such a lovely being  1:53
5. Sentiments for the African patriots  7:44

Compositions by SYNTHESIS except 'Flowers for Albert' by David Murray

Rec NYC 1976   RA Records RA/101  LP

Arthur Blythe needs our help


Andy said...


wightdj said...

New to me, thanks.

Fourcade said...

Hello! Wonderful post!
...Unfortunately I am using Internet Explorer, which neither Mega nor Game Front allow downloading from their sites using IE.
By any chance could you possibly add another download server?
Cheers Daniel, from Madrid, Spain.
(BTW thanks a lot for Arthur Blythe -The Grip & Metamorphosis!)

sasha said...

Many thanks Andy..And appreciate the alternative to mega (which I have problems accessing).

Sergio said...

Many thanks! Rare album and very beauty music!

paul said...

Thanks a lot. Never even knew of it's existence.

steve said...

Thanks for this and for letting us know Arthur needs help. I will be doing what I can, I urge my fellow jazzers around the globe to do what they can too.

Lucky said...

thanks andy! great.

any chance for "six by six" by synthesis from 1977?


Nick said...

Thanks again Andy

farosanderson said...

Wow! what a rarity.. peak period Olu Dara + Murray and Blythe.. thank you for your generous share.

davide said...

Great share, and yes, help Arthur please

Andy said...


Fourcade said...

@Andy: Sorry for bothering again. It seems that the Rapidshare link you so kindly added, does not lead to any file.
Any possible fix?
Cheers Daniel again

Andy said...

@Daniel. The Rapidshare link is working, though Rapidshare has been having problems the last couple of days and may be down where you are. Try a RS link for another post. I suggest you get some advice on Mega. It's possible to have Mozilla Firefox as a browser without it being your default browser, that is Mega friendly. I've just had a look at 1Fichier and maybe this link will work.
Let me know if it does.

Fourcade said...

@Andy: 1fichier works beautifully! Perfect d/l. Sorry for all the trouble, and thanks for your time and efforts. I'll investigate what you said about using Mozilla as 2nd. browser --hope Windows doesn't blow up!
Thanks again for your kindness.
Cheers Daniel, from Spain

hideo said...

thanks, Andy--never can have too much Blythe and i did not have this little jewel!

apf said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Track 4 is entitled "Woman Is Such a Lovely Being", not "thing".

Andy said...

Thank you kind sir.

Anonymous said...

I Love is sound
thank Youou

onxidlib said...

Thank you, Andy!

asjchrlpa mc said...

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!