8 January 2014


A1. Georges Jackson Assassiné Par Les "Pigs" D'Une Balle Dans Le Dos
A2. Attica 71
A3. Seize The Time

B. La Zone Des Tempêtes

Piano – François  Tusques

Futura Records ‎– GER 32

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...




Nick said...

François' latest is on Improvising Beings - along with recent recordings by other giants, such as Alan Silva, Itaru Oki, Giuseppi Logan, Sabu Toyozumi and Sonny Simmons. A link is in the Artists - Labels - Music Resources list. They are doing it for love, so help to keep new material coming.

sotise said...

thanks i missed the reissue of this!

Nick said...

I don't think it has been re-issued. No 1 is still listed as available on cd on the Marge/Futura website.

SOTISE said...


Kostas from Piraeus said...

Thank you very much for all these wonderful music Lps that I have learned from your blog.
If it's possible for you, may you reupload the:
Francois Tusques - L'Intercommunal Free Music Dance orchestra vol.3
(Vendémiaire VDES 036-6)?
Many, many thanks again!!!

kinabalu said...

Thanks, Nick! I have no.1, but have never heard no.2.

corvimax said...

thank you Nick for another pearl, I back your words for improvising beigs, good label

IB said...

It hasn't been reissued yet... That said I hope to release the outtakes one of these days.

Thanks to all at Inconstant Sol for supporting Improvising Beings (bearing with IB...) since the beginning. You all understood very early that I was doing records for folks like you...