25 January 2014

Euro-Quartet - Convergences (charlotte 1992)

Luciano Pagliarini (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone)
Andre Mergenthaler (cello, violin)
Michel Pilz (bass clarinet)
Francois Mechali (bass)

1 - Perigee            5:27    
2 - E Pericoloso Sporgersi    3:43    
3 - Out to Lunch        6:01    
4 - Becabel            5:43
5 - Zythum           5:56    
6 - Ballade            7:31    
7 - Immediat-Theme        9:54    
8 - Pilo's Dilemna        4:18    
9 -Round Midnight        5:24    
10 - Jarnosse        5:40    
11 - Hammelsmarsch        1:48

recorded in Luxemburg, 1990, 91, 92
charlotte records 1992, CD

for people that like Michel Pilz music: Bloc Thyristors has just published a 4 lp boxset of 300 copies only called ". "Etau.Choses clandestines" with Keith Tippett, Paul Roger, Michel Pilz, Jean Noël Cognard.
Can be found at improjazz: https://sites.google.com/site/improjazzmag/home
or cd&lp: http://www.cdandlp.com/product/2/116402640/tippett-rogers-pilz-cognard-l-etau-choses-clandestines.html


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onxidlib said...

Wow! Great that you share this elusive CD.
Tried to get hold of it since several months to no avail.
This like a birthday present without having birthday...heartfelt thanks!!
I've bought the new 4LP box yesterday - 'cause I am a great fan of Michel Pilz's music and the specific sound of his bass clarinet.
Musicwise this week-end doesn't come better :-)

corvimax said...

we share the love for that sound onxidlib, and thanks to IS, because here I discovered Michel Pilz

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Hi, Would appreciate if anybody could re-up this.

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