1 January 2014


In Concert At Yale University - Vol. 1

A.  P.G. I

B.  P.G. II

In Concert At Yale University - Vol. 2


A1. P.G. III
A2. P.G. IV

B.  P.G. V

Don Pullen, piano
Milford Graves, drums, percussion

Recorded on 30 April 1966 and originally released on their private Self-Reliance Project label.

SRP Records - PG 286 (Vol. 1)
SRP Records - SRP-LP 290; PG 290 (Vol. 2)
IPS - IPS 290, IPS ST290 (Vol. 2, re-issues on Milford Graves/Andrew Cyrille's Institute of Percussive Studies label)

Vinyl Rips


Nick said...

Happy 2014 to everyone




corvimax said...

good 2014 to yo also Nick, and to all IS people. I knew only second part of this record, thanks a lot

Lucky said...

bless you, nick - a great start of for 2014.

-Otto- said...

Thank you, Nick! And a happy new year to you too!

Tantris said...

Thank you! I've known Nommo for a few years, but the first LP has been a bit of a holy grail search for me. Wonderful to hear this now - the music is extraordinary, and seems to anticipate much of what followed - several of Cecil Taylor's duets with drum & percussion from Berlin 1988, for example. Wouldn't it be great to see these 1966 recordings remastered and reissued? I wonder if the master tapes still exist.

steve said...

This is very nice to have all together and in good fidelity. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks (Again!) Nick!
I have rips of these two already but couldn't resist d/l'ing them again knowing how good your vinyl transfers sound!

Some people celebrate the birthday of a certain other fella on December 25; but for me the occasion on that day is to always celebrate the birthday of Don Pullen!!! :-) --dandor

SOTISE said...

yes indeed, many thanks!!

denen said...

Thank you very much for great new year gift. I've been looking forward to the firts part.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for a great new year gift! I've been looking forward to the first part for years.

onxidlib said...

Thank you Nick. I have Nommo but the first part I was only able to hear once at a friends house.

Bill said...

Thank you very much for this rarity.
Great start of the new year.

onxidlib said...

Damon Smith has mentioned that John Corbett is working on a reissue - at least "Nommo"......

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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Anonymous said...

many thanks