6 March 2014

David Murray's -Live at Peace Church, Revisited,.an appeal to Collectors,(and a few Recollections by Dan Serro, its producer)

Recently, in email Conversations with Dan Serro former Kharma label boss and also  producer of David Murray's wonderfully vivid, viscerally exiting, live at the Peace Church, released in 1991, he shared some recollections about the circumstances relating to its creation,
which with his permission i'd like to relay here in edited form...

Before i do that i'll state that i also want to unashamedly ,advertise the fact that D.Serro ,is interested in releasing a couple of very worthwhile projects,on lp, including a duo from the 70's by Byard Lancaster and Yusef Yancy..
a costly exercise that requires a lot of money... i told Dan that we have no hesitation , advertising the fact that he has new Sealed copies of Live at peace church for sale for twenty dollars U.S , about half the price that second hand copies sell for.
My appeal is to Vinyl Aficionados, who might want to buy or are considering buying peace church , to do so directly from Dan Serro, in the knowledge that  you will be helping fund further releases.

i asked Him about the circumstances of its recording and release, saying i felt it was the most vivid aural document he had produced!
here are a few ruminations by him

"It was something that happened by accident.   I had just gotten my recording equipment and a friend told me that i should record this concert at the Peace Church.  I did not know who David was at the time.
 He had just come from California and was new on the scene.   I asked if the musicians would mind and was told no. So i got a truck and took the equipment to the Church and set up.   Just 4 mikes and a small mixer with 4 inputs.
 Many years later i played the tape for a Japanese  custmer who had come in from Japan and was at my place buying records.
 By then David was famous and had a lot of records out.  the guy was a big Murray fan and he wanted me to put out the record.
 I had ran out of money for the records i had pt out on Kharma and told him and he said he would go partners with me on it.
 I contacted David and we made a deal (expensive) and then after paying David and the others i contacted the guy in Japan.
 The Japanese had just had a big stock market loss and he said he couldn't come up with the money.
 Since i had already paid David i could do nothing else but put the record out.
 Limited by contract to 1500 copies.
I agree that it is the best job of recording i ever did....    Don't know if maybe it was the Church that helped or just the way i had miked them but it came out fantastic.

Things happen in strange ways sometimes.   Like the Burton Greene record.   Keshavan was not supposed to be on that record.
He got up on stage while i was recording and i was afraid i would not have enough to put the record out.
It was supposed to be a solo piano record.It is my second favorite record of all of the ones i put out."
Dan Serro

Again,Please consider buying a copy directly from Dan , who is a nice , approachable Man, in the knowledge that you will be helping fund worthwhile projects.
he can be contacted at.

PS ... hope my confreres here don't mind if this stays at the top of the page for awhile...
We don't go in for paid advertising here on this blog , nor do we use spurious disclaimers about our shares or ask for donations for ourselves  ...,.i'd like to state categorically that neither i or anyone else here is being paid in cash or kind for this !


Tantris said...

Thanks, sotise - I´ve just dropped an email to Dan.

Doug S. said...

Anyone who has heard the magnificent contributions of Byard Lancaster and Yusef Yancy, playing together on Garrett List's LP "Fire & Ice" (Lovely, 1982), will know that this project is one well worth supporting!

martintm said...

Thanks for the info !

I ordered my copy at once.

Sami said...

Highly recommended LP by Murray! Small quote from Borbetomagus interview with Dan Warburton:

"What were you guys listening to before you discovered his show?

DD: There was very little. Jim and I would go into the city and hear the worst fucking shit, it was just fucking awful, like Leon Thomas playing some godawful funky garbage. We went to hear Pharoah Sanders at Town Hall and he played about five minutes of phenomenal music and the rest was that boring Afrocentric crap, and we'd go hear David Murray – a real good concert was David Murray, Stanley Crouch and Fred Hopkins, at a church in the East Village. Then Jim and I went to see another David Murray concert which was terrible, and he was sitting backstage and we walked back and said, hey we like your music, and he was like – we weren't there! Like, fuck you!"


SOTISE said...

thanks Sami Fascinating Interview!

actuelly said...

i missed this cherry -- any chance of a new link. please?


Anonymous said...

Seems that François Tusques' GENERATION has already disappeared.

Any chance of a re-up?

Would really appreciate it!

Hookfinger said...

I also took advantage of the situation and ordered a copy from Dan. Also picked up a few other records that I am digging immensely. Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction.