18 January 2014

A Tribute to the Master-(In Memoriam)-Roy Campbell, 1952-2014

Roy Campbell is GONE... he died on the 9nth of this month...  OUCHHH!!
..blessed be his return to Gaya's Womb, the cradle of life!
A moving Tribute by Taylor Ho Bynum, Can be found here

Here's a superb, very beautiful show by the Pyramid trio, seeded on Dime some 5 or 6 years ago...
Fantastic Sound , 2 long sets ...a fitting commemorative tribute....of wonderfully inventive music ..

Pyramid trio- WBR FM , 'the Joint' Waltham M.A, 21st Feb 1985
6 untitled tracks
Roy Campbell-Trpt, Perc
William Parker-Db, Fl ,perc
Zen Matsuura-Dr-

thanks to the original, seeder-taper-trader

I've Lost the original File set, this has been slightly tweaked(Mastered), but not to the detriment of the music...no compression or digi syrup added...

They put heaps of great records out on Delmark, Silkheart, and No More Records, among others.


SOTISE said...

Pyramid Trio-The Joint, Waltham, MA
1985- FLAC
Split Archive

Anonymous said...

saw roy c at an event in ny soho sometime in the late 90's…he was solo..absolutely incredible..on record he could approach don cherry territory too..one of the best

heard his wkcr tribute…beautiful

rip... a relatively unknown giant


Wallofsound said...

Sad news.

Anonymous said...

really? "OUCH"?!?!?!

SOTISE said...

ouch, as in a simple onomatopoeic, expression of momentary anguish at all the recent deaths... whats your problem with that?

hideo said...

thanks sotise for leaving this lovely to remember Campbell by

Anonymous said...

Amiri Baraka died the same day as well. RIP

Igor said...

Devastating. He was one of the few modern jazz musicians who are pushing the boundaries of music. RIP, Roy Campbell.

Tantris said...

I've been listening to this concert today. Sublime and inspiring. I must look out for more Roy Campbell recordings.

corvimax said...

a splendid tribute

Toci said...

Wanderfull player.Thank you Sotise for splendid tribute.