9 December 2013


A1. New York
A2. Trio For Trio
A3. Chinese Rock

B1. The People's Republic
B2. Ponderous Planets

Sirone, bass, large gong, vocals, bells, shaker, wood block, trombone
Leroy Jenkins, violin, viola, small gong, claves, thumb piano, recorder
Jerome Cooper, drums, bugle, piano, vocals, balafon, temple block, wood block, gong, bells, arco saw, cymbals

Recorded 4-6 December 1975 at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, CA.

Horizon Records & Tapes ‎– SP-708

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...

A re-up,but a new rip




Andy said...

Thanks very much Nick. I'm hearing this with new ears.

velobrewer said...

This showing up on Herb Ailbert's imprint at all was surprising back in '76. Then again, they did record and publish Ornette...

Probably the the best of THE RE's output for recorded sound. I also love the succinct, relative brevity of the pieces offered here. I'm relly looking forward to comparing to the rip that I have. Thanks for the post.

velobrewer said...

Beautiful. Pristine rip!

-Otto- said...

Thanks, Nick. I used to have this on vinyl. I'm glad you made a nice rip of this long oop LP. Thanks!

Rezo from Tijuana said...

This album had a very long-stay in the cut-out bins; really wasn't thought of very-highly in its' time...,but times change,don't they?

Tantris said...

I first got to know this through this blog, and now have a Brazilian pressing, with a cover in Portuguese. I´m not sure how many of these would have been produced, but the sound quality is very good. The music is exceptional, with an edge and bite which seems quite distinct from most of the other ensembles of the time - AEOC, Human Arts Ensemble, Black Arts Ensemble, and so on. I love the music these different groups created.

Petty Vendetta said...
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Nick said...

Hi PettyV, those are in print on itunes.

TomP said...

Excellent, sounds much better !!

Can anybody do a re-up of their 2005 Genoa anywhere but RapidShare ? All the parts have extraction errors (on multiple PCs / OS so it would be great if I could get it all

Thanks in advance