3 December 2013

NDR JAZZ WORKSHOP NO.70 "Jet Set From Bangkok - Begegnungen mit Asien." (Manfred Schoof Group)

Manfred Schoof, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Elito S. Valmonte, trumpet
Eddie Ramirez, trumpet
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Leonardo S. Sanchez, trombone
Gerd Dudek, tenor saxophone & clarinet
Heinz Sauer, tenor saxophone
Michel Pilz, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, flute
Pablo M. Martinez, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute
Bill A. Saragih, vibes
Loreto G. Albano, guitar
Alexander Von Schlippenbach, piano
Alphonso Soliano, piano
Günter Lenz, bass
Marinito S. Balbuena, bass
Fernando C. Cortez, bass
Ralf R. Hübner, drums
Romeo S. Dila, drums

1. Jet Set from Bangkok (M. Schoof)        13:12
2. Conversation (M. Schoof)                18:07
3. Pachita Blues (D. Soliano)                07:59
4. Roaring Plenties (G. Lenz)                10:50
5. Insertions for Four Parts (M. Schoof)   07:20

Recorded during the Ruhrfestspiele at the Festlandhalle in Recklinghausen, Germany on July 16, 1970.


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Looks promising, thanks.

agmosk said...

Thanks, onxidlib!

headman said...

Thanks for yet another treat, onxidlib. Your shares are much appreciated by me.

boogieman said...

Thanks onxidlib, these NDR W/shops are always a treat. Do you have them all?

Jazzjet said...

Thanks, onxidlib. Another fine NDR recording.

sikes said...

Hi onxidlib, please could you re-up this, thanks so much for all your efforts

Isabella Soliano said...

Thanks for the sharing .I'm the daughter of Alphonso Soliano leader of the band . Do you have any videos of the workshop Jet set from Bangkok . Thank you so much ...Isabella Soliano

onxidlib said...

Hi Isabella, unforunately I do not have any videos from this workshop.
At least I made a reup:

Isabella Soliano said...

Thank you onxidlib for your reply . I can't recalled the name of the German TV station that recorded this program .I saw it on our local channel back then in 1973. Do have any info on that . Thanks once again .....Cheers . Isabella

onxidlib said...

It was recorded by the NDR - which is the North German Radiostation (Norddeutscher Rundfunk)
This is the station's website:

Contact-page: https://www.ndr.de/service/Allgemeine-E-Mail-an-NDR,ndr232.html

These workshops were a regular feature for many years. They still have socalled workshops but mostly the concerts/productions today are from already existing groups. In the 1960s/1970s the musicians had about one week time for rehearsal and preparation.
They got accomodation, food and about 1000,- german mark. And mostly everything was recorded on audio and often also on video.

The station is mainly located in Hamburg.

BTW - above I wrote that the concert was at the "Festlandhalle" but the correct location and adte is as follows:

Recorded during the Ruhrfestspiele at the Vestlandhalle in Recklinghausen, Germany on July 16, 1970

Hope this will help you - please feel free to ask me what you would like to know.

onxidlib said...

And the picture at your father's facebook website is from this workshop!

Isabella Soliano said...

Thank you onxidlib for the above information. I hope I'll be able to find the video recordings . My father did received a VHR tape in 1974 but unfortunately that was ruined by some technical problems. Thanks again .

correct silence said...

is someone able to tell me if this session have been produced by Michael Naura? I'm preparing a comment on Naura's death for a radio program and I would like to know this information
thanks in advance.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hans Gertberg died July 21, 1970. Because of Hans Gertberg's illness No. 68 was cancelled, No. 69 and probably No.70 as well were produced by (secretary) Lisa Regber.
Workshop No. 71 rec. April 30, 1971, was the first one produced by Michael Naura.

For more detailed info you could ask the NDR.
Contact-page: https://www.ndr.de/service/Allgemeine-E-Mail-an-NDR,ndr232.html