29 December 2013

LOUiS MOHOLO-MOHOLO - London Jazz Festival 2010

This was drummer's 70th Birthday Special concert at LJF 2010 in two sets. First set reunited Louis with Keith Tippett under the title of their 1982 FMP album No Gossip, second set presented him with special version of his Unit. I recorded the broadcast off the BBC i-player and kept the whole sequence with announcements and interview, given in the afternoon before the concert. For various reasons it took me almost 3 years to prepare it for posting, so at last here it is. All the best in 2014 to all.

01. announcement + intro interview  5:02


02. No Gossip (improvisation) + announcement  33:24

Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums
Keith Tippett - prepared piano including woodblocks, pebbles, bells, music box and plastic pan pipe

03. main interview  19:55

Louis Moholo-Moholo and Alexander Hawkins talk to Jez Nelson.


04. The Tag (Jason Yarde) 5:54
05.  Mark of Respect (Pule Pheto & Gibo Pheto) 6:08
06. Un Ti Son Ba Ou (Francine Luce) 5:43
07. Sonke (Pule Pheto) + Lost Opportunities (Harry Miller) 11:03
08. Dikeledi Tsa Phelo (Pule Pheto) + Zanele (Pule Pheto) 14:42

Louis Moholo-Moholo - drums
John Edwards - bass
Ntshuks Bonga - alto saxophone
Jason Yarde - alto & baritone saxophones
Francine Luce - vocals
Henry Lowther - trumpet
Alexander Hawkins - piano

Recorded at the Purcell Room, London on 19 November 2010
Broadcast Mon 24 Jan 2011. BBC Radio 3


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softnucleus said...

What a great Christmas gift, Milos! Díky! I wish you a happy 2014 full of wonderful music!

Nick said...

Thanks very much - not to be missed

Duncan Heining said...

You might all be interested in my Howard Riley article on the ALL ABOUT JAZZ site.


Duncan Heining

Nick said...

Nice interview and good to hear that the LPs are back in print

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moholo still rips!

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