22 December 2013

Gunter Hampel and Jeanne Lee-Oasis 1979

Here's another great Horo record , a truly magnificent testament to the love Hampel and Lee  must have had for each other when they did this . To Me this is.another one of those records where one feels one is eavesdropping on an intimate ,private, at times sexually charged conversation ... it feels very much as though they are playing to and for each other ...Lee's scatting even sounds like love smitten baby talk  on a few tracks ..
Joyous , Wonderful Music, which doesn't deserve to languish in obscurity on  the musty shelves of 'specialist" collectors.

Info from Discogs
B1- Wellspring, Op. 341 10:45
B2-Opus 169 10:05
C1-Communication 9:35
C2-One Excerpt From "The Jamaican Suit" By Jeanne Lee 9:55
D1-Second Excerpt From "The Jamaican Suit" By Jeanne Lee 7:40
D2-Couplet 15:10
Design – Natalia Barsini
Engineer – Aldo Amici
Photography – Isio Saba
Producer – Aldo Sinesio
Vibraphone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet – Gunter Hampel
Vocals – Jeanne Lee
Recorded Rome. July 12 & 13, 1978.
Telecinesound Studio
Horo HDP 33-34

A straight vinyl rip , light declicking only ,no compression or digital syrup employed!

Gunter Hampel , appears to be systematically  reissuing most of his Birth records catalog , check it out here's his web page

PS ... A small request ,please could someone who downloaded Riccardo's Lee and Hampel concert from 78 ..re-up the flacs , i and i'm sure others would be very appreciative!


SOTISE said...

Flac , Pics

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Thank you so much for sharing yet another wonderful Horo recording, Sotise.

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Super! Awesome! As usual thanks and here is the Riccardo Pisa/FLorence

is on we tranfer. hope that is ok ths way

Anonymous said...

I have this vinyl set, bought used and in such rough shape side 4 was unplayable. It will be great to finally listen to it after all these years. Many thanks.


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pierre d'alai said...

Thank you, Nick for this re-up!
This record is DELIGHTFUL!
It's so airy and spacy that I actually burst out laughing at several points as I was listening to it (laughter not out of ridicule but out of experiencing something marvelous & brilliant).