26 November 2013

Brus Trio with John Tchicai - Soaked Sorrows (Dragon 1988)

John Tchicai - Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Ulf Εkerhielm - Bass  Gilbert Mathews - Drums
Arne Forsιn -  Piano
Gilbert Mathews - Drums

A1 - A Rose Colored Angel      9:05
    (John Tchicai)
A2 - After Coffee         9:29
    (Arne Forsιn)
A3 - Nutcracker         2:28
    (John Tchicai) 
B1 - Pachanga No.         8:25
    (John Tchicai)
B2 - Soaked Sorrows          7:56
    (Ulf Εkerhielm)
B3 - Communications No.     6:45
    (John Tchicai)
Recorded live at Fasching, Stockholm, September 19, 1987.

Dragon Records., DRLP 162
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Very much appreciated corvimax..Anything with John Tchicai is gotta be worth checking out.

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From the days of awesome vinyl LP covers... and this one is an awesome cover!!!
I am gonna listen to this just for the cover even though Tchicai is the only guy i am familiar with... and him not much.

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