13 October 2013


A1. Jacques Tati Privat
A2. Line One
A3. Flopps Aus Der Mottenkiste

B1. Skippy Das Buschkänguru (für Sotise)
B2. Geppetto Und Pinocchio (Take 1)
B3. Line Two

C1. Geppetto Und Pinocchio (Take 2)
C2. Washing Dishes, Playing War Games
C3. Blues For A Turkey

D.  Fish-Wife / Man-Sea, Und Zum Schluss Die Coda

Urs Blöchlinger, bass saxophone (A2, B1, B3, C2)

Urs Blöchlinger Quartet (A1, A3, B2, C1, C3)

Urs Blöchlinger, alto and sopranino saxophone
Thomas Dürst, bass
Dieter Ulrich, drums, bugle
Jürg Ammann, piano, melodica

Urs Blöchlinger Octet (D)


Kornelia Bruggmann, voice
Daniel Mouthon, voice
Hans Kennel, trumpet
Martin Schütz, cello

+ guest

Peter Hablützel, sopranino saxophone (D)

Solo bass saxophone recorded on 26-27 November 1985 at the Old Church, Boswil.
Quartet recorded on 11 June and octet on 12 June, 1985 at the Hotel Mohren during Jazz In Willisau.

Plainisphare ‎– LP 1267-24/25

Vinyl Rip


James Manion said...

Thank you Nick for all the Urs Blochlinger, Great stuff much appreciated!

SOTISE said...

great, thank you!

corvimax said...

marvellous addition in my quest for central europe jazz, many thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

The marvelous music of Blöchlinger would deserve a better recording however. There is a lot of distorsion here, especially (but not only) in the second LP. The same with the other albums, alas.

But it's better than nothing of course. So thanks again!

bender c said...

links are dead…please,re-up thanx.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to upload the music again? Very curious to hear this.
Many thanks, René

mew23 said...

New link

francisco santos said...


Solomon said...

Thank you!

correct silence said...

Many thanks Mew23 for the update on both Hans Kennel and Urs Blochlinger, too bad that this guy left this planet so fast, he was clearly a talented musician that could have produce more interesting records. Hope the two others will come soon and particularly the Urs Blochlinger Trio Live. A short note to translate the funny title of the Blochlinger/Durst duo "Il faut boire" = "You must drink". ...and the title of the track of the first b side track: "You must drink to forget the friends of your wife". If someone else have listened carefully to him don't you think that his sound on the alto is not so far as Braxton?

correct silence said...

I took time to listen carefully to the Urs Blöchlinger "Cinéma Invisible" and I found one problem, dont know if it comes from the new post or the original one, the following track: C1. Geppetto Und Pinocchio (Take2) is not complete, it stops suddenly. Could Nick or Mew 23 check and repost this title? This album is great and it would be very suitable to have it perfectly. thanks in advance.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Yep - I have also C1. Geppetto Und Pinocchio (Take2) in a truncated version. Instead of 15:21 my take has only 8:37.

Nick said...

I've re-ripped C1 - my copy is quite worn though.

correct silence said...

No Problem Nick we have no news from Mew23 for this topic and except him it seems that you are the only one who can provide the correction. I can suggest you to post only this missing track and if some are interested I can edit with the first part already available in case your copy is worn has you said. I'm very interested in it because the artist and this album is absolutely great.

Nick said...

C1 only AD

Nick said...

The distortion from worn grooves can only be cleaned up by finding a better copy

correct silence said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
correct silence said...

Thank you Nick for the addition of C1 and your new rip of this track is perfect, no distorsion on it. But yes we can Hear distorsion on C3 and since the middle of D, I suppose that Mew23 have re-post your original transfer. But strangely I have the feeling that this distorsion doesn't come from a very used copy but from the pressing of the lp. I have this feeling because the distorsion that comes when the sound is getting up, doesn't always appear in this situation but only sometimes, and except this problem the global sound is not affected like when a lp is used, it is only my observation.

neal davis said...

A great album indeed. We just finished a new Urs Blochlinger revisited album for Swiss radio with Urs’s son Lino Blöchlinger on sax

The line up was

Lino Blöchlinger Saxes
Sebastian Strinning Clarinets
Beat Unternährer Trombone
Silvan Schmid Trumpet,
Christoph Baumann Piano.
Neal Davis Bass
Dieter Ulrich Drums

It was a fun record to play on, I also played bass on a point Swiss Canadian Urs tribute in 2006 that was released a few years after. If anyone is looking for sealed copies of Urs pls I know Lino still has some .