31 October 2013


A.   Part I B
B1. Part I C
B2. Part II A
C.   Part II B
D1. Part II C
D2. Part II D

Joe McPhee, tenor and soprano saxophone, pocket cornet
Milo Fine, piano, prepared piano, clarinet, drums
Steve Gnitka, guitar

Recorded Live at Walker Church, June 4, 1978.

Hat Hut Records ‎– S/T

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...




wightdj said...

New to me, thanks.

Milo said...

"Clarinet" rather than "clavinet".

Anonymous said...

Very much appreciated these
missing pieces from McPhee
discography. Thank you Mr. Nick.


Vitko said...
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Wallofsound said...

very welcome.

Lucky said...

like milo wrote - he played clarinet on this recording, and not the clavinet, which he played on other occasions as well. Here the clarinet is easily audible, f.e. in part Ic. the included liner notes lists also the clarinet. discogs however has the clavinet wrongly in its listing of this great album.

thanks nick for doing the world so many favors - i'm not sure we deserve it...

cheers, lucky

sikes said...

Hi Nick, Could you please re-up this too, i was trying to selective with my requests but i`m finding that too difficult! So whatever you can possibly do will be greatly appreciated, thanks

kinabalu said...

So we have noticed. How about actually listening to all the stuff we have uploaded? It's not exactly easy listening, most of it. It'll take a while to absorb I can assure you. Y'know, we'll be here tomorrow and next week, too. And the week after that.

rev said...

Hello Nick! On a big McPhee kick lately and would love to add this to my library. May I please request a repost? Many thanks!

bender c said...

links are dead please reup thanks :-)