13 September 2013

Steve Lacy-Raps 1977, Adelphi 5004 LP

A great Steve Lacy Lp that's unlikely to be reissued anytime soon, this one has never achieved the cult status
of much of Lacy's contemporaneous output , not at all obscure or rare it can still be purchased for under 20 bucks..

Recorded in New York , Little Known bassist Ron Miller,(Same Guy who's on Dave Burrell's After Love, presumably)subs for J.J.Avenel,an intriguing player who sounds right at home...
Terrific versions of The Throes, Blinks, and No Baby..

I Know this has been around before as Mp3's... worth a listen!

Info from Discogs
Steve Lacy ‎– Raps
Adelphi Records Inc. ‎– AD 5004

A2-No Baby
Voice – Oliver Johnson
A3-The Throes
Recorded on 29 January 1977 at Blue Rock Studios, NYC.
Steve Lacy-Soprano Sax
Steve Potts-Alto &Soprano Saxes
Ron Miller-Db
Oliver Johnson-dr


SOTISE said...


john said...

I have this from another blog posting a few years ago; thanks for posting it for a new audience, it's a really great record in my personal opinion.

LaPoRoJozo the Old-Timer said...

I was, with my wife,lucky enough to be present at this recording session. Actually had a role to play in it coming about. Very revealing to see these guys at close range. On one piece OJ went into a boogaloo beat, which got the producing people hot[this was the height of disco,after all]but Steve clearly put his foot down!,and that take wasn't used-wonder if it still exsists.
Getting the guys beer was one of the honors of my life.
Ron Miller was very tasty on bass,the word "under-rated" was made for cats like him...
IIRC,a day or two later theclown left his new coat at Ali's Alley after seeing a beautiful set by the Revolutionary Ensemble.Yes, those were the days!

JakyChan said...

Very happy to get this rarity !
Thanks a lot for uploading the great Steve Lacy

Anonymous said...

I first heard Steve Lacy on a couple of mid-70's albums in a quintet with Mal Waldron and Raps was the first Lacy album I found in my local record shop. It's been a personal favorite ever since. My turntable died a few years ago so I haven't heard it in a long time. Many thanks for the chance to listen to it.


santos curser said...

cool beer run story!!!.. i used to have this record too and it is still my favorite Lacy record, though I only know ten or so recordings.