14 September 2013

New Movements in Jazz-(Altena-Octet, Contraband,New Klookabilities,ICP)Netherlands Transcription service-4 Lp 87078/076, 1987

A repost of sorts,years ago , i started sharing this set here in installments, but for some reason , never got around to finishing it..
Mostly because my original rip wasn't up to scratch , the records were dirty and so forth.....

I've had a few Email requests over the years , asking for the un posted volume...
Here they all are together in one huge split archive!
Anyhow its a much more meticulous rip ,Executed using superior equipment, stylus, turntable etc

I dedicate this to our friends here past and present, Nick , Onxi, Andy, Kinabalu .. Riccardo , Boromir and all  who have ever shared here.
Program 1: ICP Orchestra & Guest soloists
1/ Gig (Nichols, Mengelberg) 9:50
2/ Houseparty starting (Nichols, Mengelberg) 5:35
3/ Blue chopsticks (Nichols, Mengelberg)
4/ Change of seas on (Nichols, Mengelberg) 5:44
5/ Happenings (Nichols, Mengelberg) 5:26
6/ Hangover triangle (Nichols, Mengelberg) 9:13
7/ Step tempest (Nichols, Mengelberg) 4:38
8/ 12 bars (Nichols, Mengelberg) 6:45
all arrangements Misha Mengelberg,Compositions by Monk and Herbie Nichols
Recorded at Meervaart, Amsterdam on August 13, 1983
Program 2 - Contra Band 86
- Toon de Bouw-tpt
 Louis Lanzing-tpt
 Mark Charig-tpt
 Willem van Manen-tpt
 Hanss Sparla-trb
 Nash Visser-trb
 Theo Joregensmann-Reeds
Paul Van Kemenade-Alto Sax
Rutger Van Oterloo-Alto, Bari Saxes
Marten Van Norden-Tenor Sax
Eckhard Koltermann-Bass Clarinet-Tenor Sax
Ron Van Rossum-Pno
Hein Offermans-DB
Martin Van Duynhoven-dr
2-Der Ryuter Suyte, Part 1
1-Der Ryuter Suyte, Part 2
All compositions Willem Van Manen
 recorded 1986 at Meervaart in Amsterdam

Program 3-Ernst Glerum's New Klookabilities
Michael Moore Clarinet/altosaxaphone
Sean Bergin altosaxaphone
Frank Nielander alto-/tenorsaxaphone
Horst Grabosch trumpet
Walter Wierbos trombone
Larry Fishkind tuba
Michiel Braam piano/celesta
Jorg Lehnardt guitar
Ernst Glerum bass/philicorda/leader/composer
Han Bennink drums/percussion
Peter Prommel percussion

Side A-Girofonetica 28’14”
- Swolch 17’35”
- Fly-over 10’38”
Side B-Gyrodrome 7’05”
Do the Pip/
Mob the Mob 6’10”
Gyroscope 5’33”
all compositions Ernst Glerum
Program 4
Maarten Altena Octet
Special guest Dagmar Krause (vocals)
George Lewis trombone
Wolter Wierbos trombone
Paul Termos altosaxophone
Peter van Bergen tenorsaxophone
Maartje ten Hoom violin
Guus Janssen piano
Maarten Altena double-bass/leader/composer
Michael Vatcher drums

Side A 23’02”
Schor (Husky) 8’22
Improvisation 7’45
Goody two-shoes 6’03

Side B 26’51
Improvisation and
Points Congealing 8’22
Haai (shark) 4’05
The Feathers and
Klaroen (Clarion) 9’13
Uncle Jimmy’s 4’05

All compositions by Maarten Altena
Recorded on September 27th 1985 at the Meervaart
In Amsterdam


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Split Archive, (you need all to unpack)1.2 GB , aprox

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Thanks so much for this. I live in Amsterdam these days, and look for any Altena when I dig. This is a superior find. Thanks again for posting!

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Thanks, SOTISE! I'm glad the links are still alive.

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Alas, they are dead now. Any chance of a re-up for this?

Alessandro said...

I have just re-uploaded the Altena sides only (sorry, I didn’t had the rest).
The bad news is that they will only be downloadable until 22 February 2017 from
The good news is that I divided the two sides into their seven tracks and that I fixed the cocked groove problem on track 7 (Uncle Jimmy’s): luckily, the record didn’t actually skip there; it just stuck. Thus, no music was lost: there was a short part repeated over and over – quite easy to fix.
Heavy file: 449 MB (it’s in wave format).