12 September 2013

Frank Lowe-Doctor too Much 1977, PKO2 LP

For Tony Continued ... Frank Lowe really was on a Roll, at this point... every release seemingly more potent than the last , this one has a terrific line up.. .. and Lowe had worked frequently with all of them,in various combos
 .. some years ago i believe we posted a contemporaneous show recorded from the Audience at Angouleme FR. without Wadada.Leo Smith.. i'll try to reupload that soon..

As with most Recordings on Kharma , which was run on a shoe string budget, the sound is a little one dimensional, whatever its sonic shortcomings Musically this is superb!
As i may have mentioned a few thousand times ... for me Lowe was the greatest!.. and he is certainly Sorely missed.
his late work has equal gravitas , go to the cadence website and check the audio samples of 'Vision Blue', Bodies and Soul'...' Legends streets one and two'

Kharma 2 USA LP NYC 5/21/77
Frank Lowe-ts; Olu Dara-tp; Leo Smith-tp; Phillip Wilson-d; Fred Williams-b
Trombone (dedicated to George Lewis & Joseph Bowie) (Lowe) 4:30
Crush (Lester Bowie) 7:45
Parts (Lowe) 7:30
Doctor Too-Much (Lowe) 7:55
Structuralism (Lowe) 3:35
Broadway Rhumba (Lowe) 5:30
Future Memories (Lowe) 4:45



SOTISE said...


headman said...

1971...those were the days!

Brillant share, Sotise. Thank you so much.

maghetto said...

many thanks
I tried for years to buy it, but it was nowhere to be found

martin said...

Thank you so much Sotise. Unlike maghetto, I have found this several times over the years . . . but could never afford the asking price (130 euros plus).
Incidentally, I have three Frank Lowe/Bernard Santacruz albums ('Short Tales', Latitude 44' and 'After the Demon's Leaving'); are they still too 'available' to be uploaded? Thanks again.

SOTISE said...

Martin , you check it out , and use your own judgement im no weathervane
when it comes to availability... in fact i made an error just a few days ago with that Lysis Live post!

abe said...

Thanks for this missing link in my Frank Lowe collection. Much appreciated.

wightdj said...

Nice upgrade for my worn-out vinyl. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

dear sotise, thanks so much for sharing this - that sweet memphis sound ... frank was definitely one of my favorites as well ... RIP ...

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Wow! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

unbelievable! top class! many and many thanks, Sotise!