16 September 2013

Burton Greene Quartet - Lady Bug Dance (Cat Jazz 1980)

A1 - Renephanie     10:57   
A2 - Sunny Monk     5:00   
A3 - Embryonic Change     10:50   
B1 - Sphyrinx     7:18   
B2 - Biedronka Tanz (Lady Bug Dance)     10:57   
B3 - Na-Calm (After The Strom)     5:32   

Burton Greene - Piano, Percussion
Fred Leeflang - Saxophone, Flute
Mark Miller - Bass
Max Bolleman - Drums, Percussion

recorded at
Hilversun, Holland april 2, 1980  (1,5,6)
Zurich, september 23, 1980        (3)
Haarlem, Holland, october 13, 1980  (2,4)

all compositions by Burton Greene
vinyl rip


corvimax said...

flac + pics

Lucky said...

thanks for this rare burton greene album, corvimax - a treat! :)

glmlr said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much.

softnucleus said...

Wonderful album of an underrated artist!
I didn't know Fred Leeflang, it seems a very interesting saxophone/flute player.
Many thanks, Corvimax.

jackalope said...

Thanks much for this fine post corvimax. I've been itching to hear a little more Burton Greene since picking up the duet disc "Voices In The Desert" with Perry Robinson (clarinet). A nice introduction to Fred Leeflang too - some really fine playing from him here. I wonder if anyone has some of his OOP stuff to post? (from a brief internet search, he's done some recording, most of which looks obscure now)

Anonymous said...

great stuff! Burton Greene is a master, free jazz or klezmer, whatever he plays turns to gold, thanks much, Corvimax!


Anonymous said...

Hi! not a working link, downloaded only up to 5%....may have the opportunity to repeat, thank you in advance.!!!

corvimax said...

anonymous, the link is workin.
mind, with mega you should use as a browser google chrome or mozilla 20 or over.

jackalope, Fred Leeflang was a surprise to me also, a limited discography as a leader , I think.
at discogs there are a couple, one at reasonable price.

thanks everybody for comments, I'm glad this music is appreciated

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! .. did on your instructions, everything works fine!
A great album, already listening! .. and many thanks to the rare music!

Wallofsound said...

Looks good.

mike said...

Would anyone here care to post a link that works for Mac Safari users? This Mega site is non-compatible.

Sure, one could use Chrome or Firefox (assuming one has those on his computer), but hopefully someone here can post this on a more common file server site.

Thanks in advance!

corvimax said...

mike, I use three different browser, depending by the needs

here is a new link http://dlyeaz.1fichier.com/en/

mike said...

Thanks for the alternative link!

I ended up not caring for this particular Greene album, but thanks nonetheless.