17 August 2013



Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
Michel Pilz, bass clarinet
Christian Ramond, bass
Klaus Kugel, drums

1. Suite (Melusina) 14:53
2. Cecelina 6:53
3. Gaby's Rhapsody 8:46
4. War Song 8:15
5. Sunia 8:19

6. Sandrinella 8:08
7. Relais De La Petrusse 6:45
8. Fast Song 7:39
9. Suite 2 12:59

Recorded for the WDR Jazzmeeting at 'Die Röhre', Moers on March 7, 1996.


onxidlib said...
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matt w said...

Thanks onx! Never knew about this group -- it looks great.

Nick said...

Fantastic, Onx. Do you have your hard drives plugged back in or are you still waiting to move?

wightdj said...

Thrilling, thanks.

onxidlib said...

Nick - I am already moving since two weeks and I will continue to do so until the end of August.
First all the stuff we don't need badly and during the last week-end all the remaining and especially heavy things, f.e. washing-machine.
In short: when I'm not working I am "schlepping".

glmlr said...

Thank you Onx. Anything by Michel Pilz is of great interest to me.

Alan Burns said...

Anything by Stanko is of great interest to me! Many, many thanks for posting.

Andy said...

Thank you Onx. Great music and sound quality. :)

glmlr said...

The drummer and bassist were regulars in Pilz's bands in the 80's, so this in reality is more of a session where Stanko is sitting in.

SOTISE said...

wonderful, thanks Onxi!

ironaxe said...

hi, the Michel Pilz Trio & Tomasz Stanko did a Germany tour incl. this WDR recording Moers in 1996, not in 1985 !!

onxidlib said...

Hi ironaxe - thanks for your comment/information.
I got the recording with the text-file through trading.
Didn't find any evidence for 1996 only 1985.
Do you have any link or another source for 1996?
Thank you!

Wallofsound said...


Alan Burns said...

hi onx, re: ironaxe comment - this page from drummer Klaus Kugel's website would seem to back up the 1996 date:

and the Pilz tracks "Melu Sina" and "Gaby's Rhapsody" appear on a 1991 release called "Melu Sina" by Pilz Quartet (although of course those compositions could have been around in the 80s)...

but then there is a listing here that has the '85 date - so who knows!?!?!?

onxidlib said...

HI Alan - thanks for your link/information.

I will try to solve the question by asking Michel Pilz himself.

onxidlib said...

Hi to all - Michel Pilz confirmed the year > 1996!

Alan Burns said...

brilliant! many thanks onxi + Michael.

'96 makes much more sense - I thought this was a bit of an odd diversion for Stanko to be making at the height of his electric period. Listening afresh, there's a definite feel of his performance being much more Leosia-era.

Still a fantastic recording, and thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to put right links back?

onxidlib said...

I'll do a re-up soon.

onxidlib said...


ironaxe said...

hi guys, have a look at this movie: http://www.lrt.lt/mediateka/irasas/31898