26 August 2013

Marian McPartland Trio-A Delicate Balance ,Halcyon 105 LP ,1972

One More Post Celebrating the life and music of Marian McPartland!
This one goes out to the Boogie Man..
Some nice things here, including a great version of Freedom Jazz Dance, and a lovably cheesy 
rendition of the hoary old Easy listening /pseudo exotic chestnut 'El Condor Pasa'
McPartland plays Wurlitzer Electric Piano on a third of the selections!



SOTISE said...

Flac Pics

Nick said...

Thanks again, S

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated

rev.b said...

Speaking of Boogieman, He had one of Marian’s up the other day named Ambiance from 1970 that really knocked me for a loop. So many people considered her work 'cocktail piano', but they obviously never heard much of her playing beyond her NPR show or later albums. I can't get over how outside and exploratory her playing was on that album. Here she's playing electric piano. This time I'll be less surprised. Just goes to show, to hell with other people opinions. It’s best to check these things out for yourself! Thanks for the opportunity.

Wallofsound said...

I really enjoyed this, and yes I was surprised; even though I am in the admirers camp.