26 August 2013

Ennio Morricone-The Black belly of the Tarantula and My dear Assassin -1971

Here's one of the great Morricone soundtracks , i taped a friends Vinyl years ago, taping over a cassette that was probably 10 years old when i recorded over what was on it....
I havent seen the Film , not a huge fan of Franco Nero(was it Franco Nero???)...but musically this is just something else!

Gruppo di Improvisatione Nuova Consonanza, are rumored to be performing on parts of this, and certainly some parts have sections which are freely improvised , though not that many.... not too much distinctive Morricone Tpt either but...lots of electric Organ drones that sound like C.Roque Alsina or Franco Evangelisti, and some evocatively scratchy atonal guitar, Scelsi-esque string sections, and so forth.

I transferred this years ago , and used some compression , being inexperienced at ripping tapes.
the results sound fine despite minor flaws...
probably not worth Flac-ing , given that certain types of Compression introduce a lossy element...especially strong leveling programs
if anyone really wants Flac's i can upload those later.
would be great if some one were willing to share a straight Vinyl rip of this


SOTISE said...

MP3 320KB

stephane said...


Really good music, I like it.
Thanks to share it here.

Anonymous said...

hi sotise!

i have both soundtracks from more recent cd issues - if you like, i could compile the same tracks as on this lp (i'd rather not share the extended cd-rips). both are in 320, btw.

cheers, lucky

SOTISE said...

Sure lucky that would be nice , how about a lucky Morricone comp, of the more interesting soundtracks , i could'nt find any evidence that this was available , any idea what label this is now on? ... i like it so much i'd be happy to buy it!

Anonymous said...

both soundtracks have been re-issued under their original italian titles by Digitmovies, "La Tarantola dal Ventre Nero" in

2007, "Mio Caro Assassino" in 2009. these were limited cd-issues with additional + alternate titles and new mastering from

the original cam stereo master tapes.

the 2 soundtracks in cd-quality (only titles which were also on the lp) (320kb/s):

here's a compilation i made in 2007, titled "a fistful of scores" (192kb/s):

cheers, sotise :)

sotise said...

thanks Lucky for the info, and rips appreciated!

Hookfinger said...

Really fun to run across this obscure stuff. And more fun to listen. Thanks very much!!