9 August 2013

AMM,venue unknown, London 03.02.1970

unknown venue, London, UK
unidentified stereo source* > CDR > hard drive (via EAC) > flac (level6) > dime

Lou Gare: sax, violin
Keith Rowe: g,eletr,radio
Cornelius Cardew: p,cello
Eddie Prevost: perc
Christopher Hobbs: perc

1. free improvisation (40:35)
(fades in + cuts out)

- source:
"I received this as "SB", though I'm not sure the overall acoustic ambience of this recording really is the one of a SB-source.
- line-up & instrumentation:
Given above is the line-up the factsheet in "The Crypt"-box lists as the regular one for 1970. At some point in the history of this particular recording, the exact line-up hasn't been passed along, it seems. So this is a little speculative (is there really a second percussionist, Christopher Hobbs, audible?)
The instrumentation above is according to "The Crypt", so maybe not up-to-date for the group's point of development at this time (and I find it hard to clearly identify Gare's contributions)."


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