30 July 2013

the Gordons-1981, Gordon 2, LP

Slight, un apologetic change of pace......
if you' like somewhat harsh jagged ,primitive, minimal ,acerbic, guitar oriented,so called Post Punk... from New Zealand , this is for you !
no Cd reissue , or reissue of any kind since a 1984,Flying Nun Vinyl release
this is from an original self released copy on their own label....
A killer record in the aforementioned genre..forefathers to my ears of later feedback drenched ,more self consciously, arty,NZ bands like Dead-C, and Dora Maar

info below from Discogs- taken from the Sleeve,and insert

Gordons– GORDON 2
Vinyl, LP, Album
New Zealand
Noise, Punk

A1-Spik And Span
A2-Right On Time
A3-Coalminers Song
B2-I Just Can't Stop
B3-Growing Up
B4-Laughing Now

Recorded At – Harlequin Studios
Mixed At – Harlequin Studios
Co-producer – Simon Alexander
"Recorded and mixed in 22 hrs at Harlequin Studios. Auck. N.Z. Oct. 81."
"engineered by Simon Alexander. produced by Simon and the gordons."

"The Gordons are John Halvorsen: guitars, vocals. Alister Parker: guitars, vocals. Brent McLaughlin: drums."
"cover design John Halvorsen"


SOTISE said...


TinyRonin said...

Oh yes sir thank you. We like some post-punk from flying nun on this side of the orb. again THANKS.

Uncut Jukebox said...

Well played sir.

SOTISE said...

I dont s'pose anyone has the elusive 2nd Gordons album , not the original line up and apparently not as good, but surely still worth a listen.

Vinylust said...

Thanks Sotise. I enjoyed this very much (Skeptics still remain my favourite Flying Nun act.....!!) I have the 2nd Gordons LP in mp3. will upload and leave the link in the comments asap...

Vinylust said...

The Gordons. Volume 2. 1984.
mp3 192.

SOTISE said...

Thanks V-Lust appreciate the opportunity to finally hear it !!

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, this is Gordons S/T, which in fact was reissued on cd with the earlier ep, Future Shock," added.

Awesome stuff, and these three guys formed the mighty Bailter Space afterward.

Gordons 2 lp was without Alister Parker, and is kinda shitty.

Anonymous said...

Growing up in Christchurch, NZ I saw these guys live many a time. Had this along with the Future Shock ep and Vol. 2, but sadly long gone. Some of the songs on Vol 2 just didn't have the same "intensity" they did live e.g. Quality Control. They were still a great band to see... in all their brutal glory - they were loud!! You can read a bit about The Gordons/Bailter Space here http://www.failsaferecords.com/history/gordons.htm

marcin said...

Where is link for this?

onxidlib said...

See the first comment.