2 July 2013

Jon Jang 4 In One Quartet - The Ballad Or The Bullet (Asian Improv 1987)

well known to skeep presentation, I believe, but just in case:

A1 - The Ballad Or The Bullet?     5:05    
A2 - Bayan Ko / El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido!     14:14    
B1 - Hymn To Happy Lim     4:30    
B2 - Prayer For Melvin Truss     6:10    
B3 - Year To Slay The Paper Dragon!     6:52    

Francis Wong - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
James Lewis - Bass –
Eddie Moore - Drums, Gong And The Saw
Jon Jang - Piano
Fred Houn - Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone (track B3)
Alejandra Diaz - Vocals (track A2)

Recorded on June 1986 and January 1987 at the Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA

Asian Improv Records – AIR 0001, LP


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agmosk said...

Thank you! This is rare. While I have some Asian Improv's, a few years ago I accosted Jang at a concert of his Big Band in DC and asked how i could get a copy of his first BB recording as it was out of print. He had no idea. I actually found a used copy later.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

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SOTISE said...

Great record, thank you!

Newk said...

A sealed copy of this sat at Modern Times books in San Francisco for years (I already owned a copy) till I finally got frustrated that no one was snatching it up, bought it, and sent it to a friend. I once saw Jang & Co do a very powerful version of Mingus's Meditations on Integration that left me with a feeling I should never forget.