12 July 2013

Dean - Trovesi Double Quartet - Freedom in Jazz

Following up the numerous Elton Dean postings, here is a set with a mixed British-Italian combo recorded in Rome in late 2000. Three long pieces with some very lively and dynamic playing from this group. Fairly late in Elton Dean's career, but full energy is still in abundance. A very nice set.

Dean - Trovesi Double Quartet - Freedom in Jazz

1. In Time ... No Time ... Ad lib
2. Boundaries/Basho
3. Baghet/Itzaroma

Elton Dean - alto sax and saxello
Gianluigi Trovesi - alto sax and clarinet
Jim Dvorak - pocket trumpet
Massimo Greco - trombone
Paul Rogers - bass
Marco Micheli - bass
Mark Sanders - drums
Fulvio Maras - percussion

Recorded in hall B at the Centre for Radio Productions, Rome, 21-22 December 2000

Thanks again to James Manion for files and scans.


kinabalu said...


These files were ripped to flac, but the bit rate shows them to be slightly in excess of wav - a little above 1411 khz - so they make a while to download.

Nick said...

Thanks James and kinabalu

Steven said...

Hi Kinabalu,

Is it possible to split this big file in maximum parts of 249Mb, so I can download them with Rapidshare without Rapid Pro account?

Thanks, Steven

agmosk said...

Thank you for this Kinabalu! But I think I second Steven's request.

Steven said...

Download seems to work also without Rapid Pro account after trying a few times.

kinabalu said...


I just logged out of my RS pro account to see if I could download the file. The download is going at slightly less than 60kb/sec and estimated download time is three hours or so. So it's doable and splitting it probably won't save any time.

But I could upload it to Mega as they are capable of handling huge files.

kinabalu said...

Alternative download option:


Having a RS Pro account gets you about 3x the download speed compared with no account. Not very impressive, though speed may vary, depending on the time of day or whatever operations you may have running simultaneously on your computer.

Mega upload speed is about 2.5x of RS Pro download speed, so draw your own conclusions.

Wallofsound said...

Dean and Trovesi together! Wonderful!

Wallofsound said...

I get Mega to download at 5x RS's KB/S.

glmlr said...

Interesting - Mega downloads to me at 24 times the free RS speed.

agmosk said...

I did get it on RS but Mega ( on Chrome) is pretyy good. Thanks again! Great post!