31 July 2013

Connie Crothers-Solo 1980 (Jazz Lp-4)

This one goes out to Mosa from requests... as Sublime and superbly modulated an album of solo piano as one could wish .
This album is an intriguing mix of spontaneous renditions of standards and all out free improvisations , beautifully recorded by Label Mate, Saxophonist Lennie Popkin!
Long, but riveting from start to finish!

A Student and friend of the late Lennie Tristano,Crothers is dipping even further out into free territory these days , all her records are pretty wonderful , this appears to be one of the few which hasn't been reissued .

Anyone wishing to delve further should explore, the phenomenal 4 disc set of improvisations for two pianos with David Arner on the Rogue art label, which is simply stunning, in the stratospheric realm of Riley/Tippett, or Crispell/Grawe but of course, one is hard pressed to choose 1 thing to recommend , given that its all so good..
btw, Crothers also Administers the collective New Artists label, home to most of her recordings...

Band of fire a quintet featuring R.Campbell, R.Tabnik,R.Mancuso and perennial fave Ken Filiano ...is one of the best live albums I've heard in a while, it and other great things can be found here at New Artists.
The label also has a downloadable Video archive ,including much Crothers

This though out of print , and never reissued may perhaps still be purchased from Jazz records here a label run by Carole Tristano, Lennie's drummer Daughter.
Crothers own website is here

info from Discogs
A1-All About Love-4:00
A2-A New Jazz Scene-3:50
A3-My One And only Love-7:44
A4-That Straight Ahead Thing-6:19
B1-A Single Note-3:21
B2-Drums-Piano 6:39
B3-All About You-7:06
C1-Love Suite: Roy Eldridge-4:16
C2-Love Suite: Sheila Jordan-4:32
C3-Love Suite: Max Roach-8:26
D1-I'm Getting Sentimental Over You-6:30
D2-You Don't Know What Love Is-2:56
D3-How Deep Is The Ocean-8:05
D4-Breaking Through The Boundaries-5:31

Piano – Connie Crothers
Recorded By – Lenny Popkin

Connie Crothers – Solo
Jazz Records ?– JR-4


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thank you!

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Thank you very much.

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slovenlyeric said...

Connie Crothers is a great player and a very nice person. Anyone interested might want to check out her multi-disc set on Rogue-Art with David Arner. I saw them together recently and it was magic. Also, Relative Pitch put out a disc with her and Jemeel Moondoc which is very beautiful.

Nick said...

Thanks Sotise

a nice introduction for me

wightdj said...

I got to exchange emails with Connie while helping with the release of the Relative Pitch duo CD. Very nice person, great musician, Thanks for this.

Bill said...

Thank you, Sotise. Intriguing player.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, I wasn't aware of this artist before.

Rob Rob said...

I came here just to peruse -- my hard drive's just about full at this point. Thanks to your write up, 336 mb later I'm about to give this album a listen. I really enjoy your descriptions and of course the music is always great. Thanks!

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thanks Sotise ! this one is a wonderful surprise !

And don't miss her with lenny popkin ! Miraculous !

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the rip is taken a litte bit out of tune....
Anyway thank you!
Best R.

Bippy said...

Connie Crothers, RIP--August 13, 2016.
Great musician, great teacher, great
human being. So under appreciated
by the music world. She is missed

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Thnx sotise. This replaces an inferior mp3 version.

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Frasco said...

Thank you very much!

Frasco said...

Thank you very much!

Lena said...

Thank you so much, amazing!I played with Connie once at the concert and some sessions in her loft. She was the last great teacher of Tristano tradition, I think... many feel orphaned.

Andy said...

I'm afraid I'd never heard of her until she died. Thanks for the opportunity to hear what I'd been missing.

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