24 July 2013


More of the wondrous Larry Stabbins

A1. Rough Cut
A2. Fire Without Bricks
A3. Wych Elm

B1. Maldoror
B2. Puff!
B3. Formants Of The Deep

Roy Ashbury, percussion
Larry Stabbins, soprano and tenor saxophone

Front cover: clay figurines from the 'Eye Temple' at Tel Brak, Khabur Valley, east Syria, ca. 3,000 BC
Back Cover: prehistoric rock-engraving at Kalleby, Tanums Socken, Bohuslan, Sweden

Recorded at Riverside Studios, July 1976

Bead Records ‎– BEAD 4

Vinyl Rip


Nick said...



Vinylust said...

Thanks Nick!!

slovenlyeric said...

Thanks. I never had a chance to hear this one before. Stabbins is a very under-rated player who rarely seems to get a spotlight. So this should be really interesting.

john said...

I agree, Stabbins is a very good player, not as well known as he deserves to be. This has been one of my 'three most wanted' for a long time, so very many thanks.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SINCERELY!! You man rock ;)
Love to see Bead Catalogue! I owe you!!

Anonymous said...

seems very promising! thanks much, Nick!


SOTISE said...

thanks!.. the only stabbins thing i've heard is the marvellous trio with Tippett, and Moholo,'Tern'

wightdj said...

New to me, thanks.

Owombat said...

Thanks for this, Nick!
some of these first Beads i never caught back in their time...
and SPECIAL thanx for "No Bricks Alt.jpg" - made me smile... especially since these days i can´t contribute the way i would like to.

Clifford Allen said...

Great record, sick cover art. I am very fond of Bead and feel like as a label it doesn't get its due nearly enough.

Wallofsound said...


candle mambo said...

Always great to see some BEAD stuff appear!
Thanks a lot!

paul said...

Thanks for this. I don't suppose you have "sparks of the desire magneto"?

Nick said...

Paul, try Bead Records, as it is listed as still being inprint


paul said...

Thanks Nick so it is.
Now here's a really obscure request.
Insensitive by Brett Hornby on the Zyzzyle label from Bristol.
I played with him in the 70's and thought he was way ahead of his time.