20 June 2013


Nobu Stowe (須藤伸義 = Nobuyoshi Suto, Ph.D.) was born in Maebashi, Gumma, Japan. He started taking piano lessons at age 3 and composition at age 6.  Stowe moved to the US to study Music (composition) and Psychology at University of California, at Berkeley.  He then moved to Chicago to pursue graduate studies at University of Chicago.  After receiving the doctorate degree in Psychology, he moved to Baltimore for post-doctoral training at National Institute of Health.  In Baltimore, Stowe formed the post-fusion unit TRIO RICOCHET and performed at top venues, including Blue Note N.Y., The Knitting Factory, and Smithonian Institute.  In addition to his composition-based piano trio, Stowe has lead/co-lead various projects exploring ‘total-improvisation’ (a la Keith Jarrett) collaborating with Perry Robinson, Badal Roy, Andrea Centazzo, Dave Ballou, Lisle Ellise, Brian Groder et al.  He recently formed a new trio with the Italian multireedist Achille Succi and the drum legend Barry Altschul.  Stowe has been featured/interviewed internationally on All About Jazz (USA), Jazz Review.com (USA), Coda Magazine (Canada), All About Jazz Italia (Italy), Jazz Colo(u)rs (Italy), Cuadernos de Jazz (Spain), Toma Jazz (Spain), Impro Jazz (France), Citizen Jazz (France), Bitaites (Portugal), Jazz & Tzaz (Greece), El Intruso (Argentina), and Jazz Tokyo (Japan).  Stowe regularly contributes columns and interviews (including ones with Keith Jarrett, Michel Legrand, Gary Peacock, Paul Bley, Bill Frisell, Martial Solal, Marilyn Crispell, and Chico Hamilton) for Jazz Tokyo (www.jazztokyo.com).  Stowe is the contributing author of "ECM カタログ” – the first ever complete catalogue of ECM Records (1969-2010) with full color album covers just published in Japan.  He recently moved to San Diego and currently conducts scientific research at The Scripps Research Institute.

Already in May I got a mail from Nobu Stowe who offered me a dozen of his recordings for sharing here at Inconstant Sol.

They are meant as an appreciation for our ongoing efforts ;) in making available rare recordings which are OOP or where never (not yet?) released.

During the following weeks I shall upload his generous gifts. You will be able to listen to not yet released music and also to several issued ones.

More information on Nobu Stowe you'll find here and another interview from 2008.
I shall begin with a music which is not commercially available.

Thank you Nobu!


Nobu Stowe, piano
Tyler Goodwin, double bass
Alan Munshower, drums

1. Overtyr                   07:20
2. Le Problème Petit         06:41
3. Pochi                     09:51
4. Nardis                    09:15
5. Nouvelle Samba            08:08
6. Dawn Dance Of The East    08:56
7. Quite Rightly So...       06:23
8. Petrucciani               07:12
9. Darwin Perspective        13:33

All tunes by Nobu Stowe except "Nardis" by Miles Davis.

Recorded at "Wombat Studio", Brooklyn, NY on February 19, 2006.

[not on label but: "A Gift" 01] this recording is a contribution by Nobu Stowe to Inconstant Sol.
More to come!!



onxidlib said...


wightdj said...

Looks good, thanks.

Nobu Stowe said...

Hi everyone, Nobu Stowe here.

First of all - thank you very much for your works to make otherwise unavailable music for the listening pleasure! I myself have discovered a bunch of highly interesting and artistic recordings on this site.

Now a few comments to this recording that onxidlib kindly - but unexpectedly to me! - uploaded.

This recording was a meant to be a DEMO of my Baltimore-era piano trio = TRIO RICOCHET. So it was NOT intended for a wider distribution...

Frankly speaking, I am not satisfied with the performance here - especially my own playing...!

One personal excuse: we recorded this material just ONE day after I went through an 8-hr long marathon recording session that resulted in "New York Moments" (Konnex Records, 2007) with three masters of NYC avant scene: Blaise Siwula, Dom Minasi, and Ray Sage. So I was pretty exhausted...

Having said that I am still fond of these original compositions of mine, and believe this recording represent what this trio was doing at that time...after all, it gave us gigs at Blue Note NYC, Knitting Factory (we opened for Brian Auger's Oblivion Express) and Smithonian Institute.

And most importantly, this is one of the two recording that convinced the legendary Italian producer Giovanni Bonnandrini, and led to my 3 albums on Soul Note/Black Saint.

In fact, Flavio Bonandrini (who succeeded as the label owner after his father Giovanni) and I were preparing to re-record these materials as my fourth release on Soul Note back in 2008 - an agreement that was never materialized due to the take over of the label by CAM... (oh well!).

(My album "Confusion Bleue" is the last official release from the renowned Italian label = Soul Note/Black Saint).

At the same time, my interests went into "fully improvised" music. In fact, all of my 7 leader/co-leader albums on - Konnex (2 albums), Soul Note/Black Saint (3 albums) and most recently on Ictus (2 albums) - are studies in this direction... (and I do think these are likely more of the interests to the community of this blog).

Still I am currently planning to (re)form this trio - though with a different rhythm section (now I live in San Diego, while Alan Munshower still resides in Baltimore and Tyler Goodwin is living in Germany). And yes, this time, I would love to record a proper album of these materials - and so please stay tuned!!

Nobu Stowe

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, onxidlib. And thanks for the contextualisation information, Nobu.

SOTISE said...

Nobu Stowe,Thank you for this contribution and exposure to your Music!