23 June 2013

Shockabilly- "Normal", Illinois, April 6 1985 AUD

Purportedly one of the last shows by Shockabilly the original and best psychedelic Post punk band..

LSD Country and Western was the first Chadbourne thing i ever bought when it came out , still a great chewy listen! , and what a fine introduction to the likes of Tom Cora and T.Kondo...

This is a hugely atmospheric tape recording, complete with drop outs ,bleed through and minor distortions ... lots of near chaotic frenzied improv ( Electric Rake ,heavily featured!) between typical deconstructions of classic 60's Songs..beautiful stuff!

I've retained the original seeders info file... he seems to find Eugene's Politics funny , perhaps dated and somewhat embarrassing ...., Fuck him ...Chadbourne's Politics are more relevant than ever!!
Chadbourne is selling some live Shockabilly shows, and i think the original albums are mostly reissued by Shimmy Disc Kramer's label ,now back in business!

Shockabilly-Normal Illinois,April 6 1985 ,The Galery

01  How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead
02  Purple Haze
03  America Stands Tall
04  Vietnam
05  People Are Strange
06  Life's A Gas
07  Party House Part 3 In 3D
08  It's The Plunger
09  What John Wayne Said About Prince
10  So You Want To Be A Rock And Roll Star
11  Red Headed Stranger
13  Instant Karma
14  Are You Experienced
15  ............./Eight Miles High
16  The Rake/Purple Rake/Michael Jackson tribute/California Rake
Eugene Chadbourne/  Vocals, Guitar, Plunger, Rake, 
Kramer/  Bass, Organ, 
David Licht/ Drums ,

ecorded on a small mono cassette recorder with ,built-in mic.  Craig model 262 5
First Generation Cassette>Tascam130>ProToolsLE>wav>flac6



SOTISE said...


mike said...

thanks, always enjoy Chad!

icastico said...

Saw Chadbourne in El Paso soon after this... a true artist.

Nick said...

Normal was probably the perfect place for them to play.

acetboy said...


I'm the guy who recorded this and shared it in the first place.

I say in the notes:
"Eugene seems to be a bit of a lefty.....lol".

Where do you get:

"... he seems to find Eugene's Politics funny , perhaps dated and somewhat embarrassing"

out of that?

Do you know what 'lol' means?

Anyway it's always fun to find one of my recordings shared.

I also shared my original recording of Eugene in a solo performance at the same venue a year or so later.

Thaddeus Milne said...

Would love to see a re-up here if possible! Also, any additional Dr. Chad posts would be very welcome!