24 June 2013

RAY WARLEIGH QUARTET. Birmingham 1996.

Hi jazz fans.  How about some tunes?  From the great Ray Warleigh with a killer rhythm section.  For Mauro and Milos.  Help with titles would be appreciated.  Thanks.

RAY WARLEIGH, alto sax

1. 13:15
2. 16:34
3. 11:05
4. 08:54

Lyttleton Theatre, Birmingham and Midland Institute, Birmingham

18th March 1996


Andy said...




softnucleus said...

Andy, you made my day! I didn't expect this great surprise! Ray Warleigh with the Sophia trio! I'm still downloading it, greatly looking forward to end of download. I hope to help with titles.
I just took a look at the end of my vinyl collection (alphabetically speaking: "W") and found "Ray Warleigh's First Album" (Philips, 1968) and the wonderful "Reverie" (Vinyl, 1977).
Many thanks also for the dedication! I'm sure that Milos will be happy too!

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Big thanks Andy!

john said...

wonderful. There isn't enough Ray Warleigh around. Thank you, looking forward to hearing it.

Wallofsound said...

This is great, Andy. I missed this one, so I can now pretend I did not.

propylaen2001 said...

Many thanks for sharing this. To me it sounds as all 4 tracks come from the same concert. However your info suggests that the recordings are from 2 different concerts, both in Birmingham. Can you clear that up? Thanks in advance

Andy said...

@Propylaen. The Lyttleton Theatre is within the Birmingham and Midland Institute building. I hope that answers your question.

propylaen2001 said...

Thanks, Andy, now I understand. Dis you record this yourself? Can you tell anything about the equipment used?

Andy said...

@Propylaen. Yes, I recorded it. On a That's MGX90 cassette in a Marantz PMD430 recorder using 2 Tandy Realisic PZM microphones mounted at 90 degrees. The machine died in about 15 years ago and I haven't recorded anything since. I hope you liked the sound quality.