21 June 2013

JOHN CARTER QUiNTET - Variations on Selected Themes for Jazz Quintet (Moers 1979)

I've got this classic album uploaded for quite long time, but kept forgetting to post it. Ripped from most probably OOP CD version, although vinyl is possibly still available according to Moers Music website. Two concerts from around same time are already available here and here. Enjoy.

JOHN CARTER QUiNTET - Variations on Selected Themes for Jazz Quintet (Moers 1979)

John Carter – clarinet
Bobby Bradford – trumpet
James Newton – flute
Bob Stewart – tuba
Phillip Wilson – drums

1. B.L.'s Delight – 13:55
2. Echoes from Harlem – 7:25
3. Woodman's Hall Blues – 7:28
4. Petals – 7:21
5. And She Speaks – 7:21

Recorded at Studio 57, Düsseldorf, Germany, 15 August 1979

Moers Music 02084 CD



miloo2 said...



Anonymous said...

thanks great music, can someone post the Tapscott - Carter concert in Nickelsdorff 1987?

Anonymous said...

thank you, beautiful, full of conviction, totally convincing stuff. Unfortunately, the download links under the first cross link appear to be dormant. Any chance a reup? msj

Anonymous said...

Always great so see some John Carter - thanks!!!!

E-mile said...

and YES! this one was NEW to me!!
a great discovery that my ears had to adjust to...........
great stuff, thanks.

Nick said...

Ta, miloo

miloo2 said...

Anonymmous msj, the link is working fine here... Thanks all for feedback.

Mutha Klanger said...

great stuff, thanks Miloo. any missing (to me) Moers or John Carter is always very welcome.

auntadadoom said...

Excellent, Thank You.

Anonymous said...

again, thanks for all the great music — the last week or two have been insane — or wonderfully sane, especially in contrast to the insanity of mainstream news at the moment. I have not been sufficiently clear about the links. The download links for this post worked of course. There are also two links to earlier posts, both of which work in and of themselves. The download links under the second of those posts (John Carter Quintet - Live In Rome '79) are also alive and well. But the download links under the first one (John Carter All Stars - Live In Middleheim '79) (oops, Middleheim?) do not respond to my promptings, which was why I was asking about a reup. Then again, as someone asked, it is hard to keep up as it is … msj

Solomon said...

Thank you.