1 July 2013

Henry Kaiser-Ice Death,1977 (Parachute-05)

Another Parachute Classic , with a unique sound world all of its own, i've always loved this one ..which in a lot of quarters gets a pretty bum rap... including one by Kaiser Himself !
One wonders what became of some of these people..anyone ever heard.Laurel Sprigg  who's extraordinary, spine chilling vocals (and Cello)grace 3 tracks,on anything else???


Ice Death
Parachute 05
1) Dali's Car 1:30
2) From the Heart 3:20
3) Trio 19 1:22
4) Trio 242 4:50
5) Ice Death 2:08
6) Harry the Possum 2:26
7) Blue Dolphin 10:20
8) Duo 06 2:04
1) Wind Crystals 15:14
2) Trio SC1 1:15
3) Happy Hour 1:34
4) Trio SC5 1:35
5) Duo 07 1:45
6) Old Missouri 1:28
7) Welcome Space Friends 1:17
8) Victoria B.C. 3:57
9) Bagpipes 1:00

 Eugene Chadbourne (tracks: B1),
Henry Kaiser (tracks: A8, B1 to B3)
Alto Saxophone – John Gruntfest (tracks: A8),
John Oswald (tracks: A2, A6, B2 to B4, B6, B8)
Cello, Vocals – Laurel Sprigg (tracks: A3, A4, A7)
Electric Guitar – Chris Muir (tracks: B9),
Evan Cornog (tracks: A1),
Henry Kaiser (tracks: A1 to A7, B4 to B9)
Tenor Saxophone – Henry Kuntz (tracks: A2 to A4, A5, A6, B2 to B4, B7)
Trombone – Loren Means (tracks: B5, B7)



SOTISE said...


corvimax said...

Sotise thank you, I know and like Henry Kayser only from some collaborations with Leo Smith and Jin Hi Kim, godd to discover the rest

Anonymous said...

early Kaiser's stuff is a big pleasure!
thanks much, Sotise!


Nick said...

Laurel Sprigg - singing and interior design in San Francisco.

James Manion said...

Thank you SOTICE, looking forward to checking this out.

upkerry14 said...

Kaiser is still bopping around berkeley. I see him in restaurants now and then. Not the others so much.

sotise said...

John Gruntfest is one hell of a name!

Wallofsound said...


Arcturus said...

Henry is still quite the active player. Heard him scorch the room this year in Josh Allen's nearly 20-piece Deconstruction Orchestra & the 2 of them have a quartet gig in Berkeley, joined by Bill Winant & an interesting drummer who studied w/ Blackewell, Timothy Orr. & don't forget Henry's Songs of Ayler release a few years back.

John Gruntfest was for years a major figure on the bay area's free jazz/improv scene - one hell of player too. Largely retired now, he made a very special appearance at Berkeley Arts back in January w/ another rarely heard bay area legend, pianist Gregg Goodman, whose Beak Doctor recordings some of the Evan Parker freaks here must know.

Arcturus said...

& Henry Kuntz:


Anonymous said...

Anyone have a copy of C.K.Noyes 'World and the Raw People'. There is an incredible track by ck and kaiser that I've been trying to dig up for years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! The second link seems to be dead already, though.