3 June 2013


James Manion asked for more Herbert Joos - here is a special project from Hans Koller.
He is joined not only by Joos, Mangelsdorff et.al. but also by five members of the orchestra of the SWF.


Herbert Joos, fluegelhorn
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Hans Koller, soprano, sopranino & tenor saxophone
Jasper van t'Hoff, piano, electric piano (not #8)
Jürgen Wuchner , bass (not #8)
Janusz Stefanski, drums (not #8)
Karl Arnold, french horn (not #8)
Hans Lemser, clarinet, bass clarinet (not #8)
Helmut Koch, oboe
Helmut Müller, bassoon
Michael Löckle, flute (not #8)

01. Introduction (Berendt)           03:17
02. Dorf-Ballade (Koller)            06:11
03. Introduction (Berendt)           00:29
04. Flowers All Over (van't Hof)     06:56
05. Introduction (Berendt)           02:29
06. Jenissai & 22/8 (Koller)         15:46
07. Introduction (Berendt)           01:20
08. Song One (Joos)                  03:23
09. Introduction (Berendt)           00:44        
10. Ballade In Zeh (Joos)            05:47
11. Introduction (Berendt)           00:37
12. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Joos)   11:03
13. Closing announcement (Berendt)   01:27

Announcements by  Joachim-Ernst Berendt.

Recorded at Südwestfunk Studio, Baden-Baden, Germany on December 19, 1976.

SWF radio broadcast


onxidlib said...
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wightdj said...

Eager to hear, thanks.

James Manion said...

Wow onx, Music can move you in mysterious ways, Flowers All Over flashed me back to 1964 when at the age of 8 my father ripped my roots from the German soil and transplanted me in the US. Arriving in New York just in time to see the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. Two life changing events. Only my mind and body made the journey my heart and soul are still wondering the hillsides of Schriesheim. Thanks for sharing this wonderful music.

Nick said...

Great thanks

Joachim said...

Vielen Dank, habe ich in meiner Jugend im Radio gehört, schönes Wiedererleben.

Anonymous said...

sounds majestically! very solid stuff!
thanks much, onxidlib!


nottheguru1 said...

is it possible to re-up this one
RS doesn't exist anymore/and or my wall
says it's a suspect site.

onxidlib said...


onxidlib said...


nottheguru1 said...

thx v.much Onxidlib. most of these names are unknown to me.
I went looking for Seifert (who I know through Oregon)
there's such a world of stuff to explore.
much appreciated.

francisco santos said...

Big THX !...

Javier Roz said...

Thanks! Very interesting stuff...

Solomon said...

Thank you.

Chris said...

Thanks onxidlib for the Re-Up!, a great crew here.