1 June 2013


This concert was recorded 15 months after the LP "Flaps" here.
Part of "Flaps was released on CD there. Lacy and Koglmann made one more LP where Bill Dixon + Koglmann (without Lacy) can be heard on the first side . A few tracks also made it on to the mentioned CD.
But this recording remains unreleased except the first track:


Franz Koglmann, trumpet
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
Toni Michlmayr, bass
Muhammad Malli, drums, soprano saxophone
Gerd Geier, electronics

1. Flaps                 10:41
2. Der Vogel / Opium     09:12
3. Wünschelrute          14:57
4. Weanerisch Dearn      06:15
5. Life On Its Way       05:10

Recorded at the Balver Höhle, Balve, Germany on July 28, 1974.


Note: "Flaps" was issued on JG RECORDS JG 036-039 (4xLP) - OOP
Take a look at the artwork of the LP.

Some translations: 'Wünschelrute' means divining rod / dowser.  'Weanerisch Dearn' is the Vienesse girl in Vienesse dialect and finally a bird is "Der Vogel".



onxidlib said...
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Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thank you.

James Manion said...

onxidlib,Thanks for this you wet my appetite after looking at the album covers I was wondering if you have the Contact trio from JG 039 a favorite of mine. Being a Herbert Joos fan also JG 036 would be lovely if you have it. Forgive me for looking a gift horse in the mouth but I wouldn't know if you hadn't showed. You are enticing me.

SOTISE said...

Wow, thanks onxi !!

Nick said...

Thanks Onxidlib. Flaps must have been one of the earliest groupings with Lacy and electronics, before Area and Lumps and MEV.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Onxidlib.

wightdj said...

@ Nick: The recent Emanem release Steve Lacy "The Sun" has some '68 tracks with Teitelbaum. Onx, thanks for this rare treat.

matt w said...

Thank you!

I remember from the Opium reissue liner notes that "Der Vogel" is from a Cocteau poem.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thank you so much.

unitstructure said...

thanks.fascinating listening.Lacy is very well integrated into the group.Did this group issue any recordings without guest artists?Would love to hear them.

onxidlib said...
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sandor essedy said...

thanks for this re-up.

unitstructure said...

thank you.very interesting listening. sounds like they worked hard to achieve the groups' sound.

onxidlib said...