30 June 2013


A1. Ultima Thule
A2. Duet
A3. Luna Tuna
A4. Shoot Winnebagos

"Small Life"

B1. Necrotic Spots
B2. Paramecium Parade
B3. Calm
B4. Bulbous Jumbo

B5. Harkness

Ned Rothenberg, reeds
Jim Katzin, violin
Bob Ostertag, electronics

David Wiles, percussion (B5)
Richard Rogers, piano (B1-5)

Recorded 'live' in various studios, November-December 1978.
B5 recorded in concert at Harkness Co-op, Oberlin, Ohio, May 1978.

Parachute ‎– P009

Vinyl Rip


mike said...

thanks!! rothenburg and ostertag!!

øשlqæda said...

monstrous! many thx nick

Prof. Drew LeDrew said...

Believe the RS link is actually for Bobby Few et al, Diom Futa. Not complaining, mind you! Just an fyi. The zippy link looks to be the Rothenberg/Ostertag etc.


onxidlib said...

What a surprise! .......

Lucky said...

thanks for pulling this one out, nick - rothenberg + ostertag at their very beginning on chadbourne's tiny parachute label. there are many unsung ditties on that label to be resurrected, that's for sure...

Nick said...

Sorry - it was close to Fall, Few Maka - in the file system, if not musically



SOTISE said...

Thanks Nick!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I've wanted this for many years.

gilhodges said...

This is great. I got to Oberlin a year late. Thanks.

James Manion said...

Thanks Nick, new to me and much enjoyed.

Wallofsound said...

More new stuff. Ta.

bender c said...

please reup!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi bender c - checked all my hard drives etc. but sadly I do not find it.

Nick said...

Hi - will have to redo some time - rip got deleted

kinabalu said...

and rip got resurrected:


Curious mix of acoustica and electronica, this one. Reminds me of something I posted a while ago - Austin/Gallivan/Babbington - Home from Home - which can be found here.