22 June 2013


While preparing this post I found - to my dismay - that I've lost somehow the last two tracks.
But Vesala's drumming is too good to be missed.
So please help - maybe someone is able to help us with the missing tracks!

Update: Two missing tracks added!


Edward Vesala, drums, percussion, gong, cymbal, cylophone, marimba, vibes, chimes, sitar, clockwork, etc

01. I’m Here 3:52
02. Ho Ping (Peace) 2:50
03. M.M.M. 1:14
04. But We Didn’t Get The Fox 1:30
05. Natural Rock Formation In The Harbor  2:53
06. Byågz 1:03
07. One For The Road 1:43
08. Sinathropus 2:04
09. For You Who Bring Flowers And Love In My Lonesome Bared Nest 2:06
10. K. WN. V. H. 4:35
11. Homage To Jan Garbarek 6:31
12. A Day Of Life 1:57
13. Minttu 2:22
14. Uhuru 1:39
15. Palkin Kutsu 2:07
16. Murli Manohar 2:05
17. Whispering 2:41
18. "Tra-Dri, Them-Pa" 1:20
19. Puro – Rivulet 1:37

Recorded: Helsinki, Finland in 1973.

BLUE MASTER SPEL 311 (Finland)

Link for the last two pieces to be found in Nick comment....



onxidlib said...
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SOTISE said...

thank you!!!!!

SOTISE said...

Our Buddy glmlr has this he may well rip the missing pieces for us..i'll ask him!

onxidlib said...

...that would be great.

Nick said...

I was sent a nice rip of this recently


James Manion said...

Thanks onxi and Nick, the team work is much appreciated what a day it's been at IS.

Anonymous said...

very solid one from Vesala, thanks to all who is involved in presenting this stuff here!


onxidlib said...

Thanks Nick - also to the one who sent it to you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been searching for this long time.

Calisan said...

I found this 2 years ago on mp3 but it's incredible this nice rip! Rare and wonderful music!
I hope someone could help with artwork scans too! Curious cover for Vesala!
Thank you so much onxidlib and nick!

Nod y said...

Could it be possible for someone to re-up this post, all the records by Vesala are interesting.

onxidlib said...

...on it's way....

onxidlib said...


Nod y said...

Thank Onxidlib, good music in perspective for this long week end!

chris said...

Many thanks Onxidlib. I'm searching album by Edward Vesala Nematsytmatka. Do you know this?

onxidlib said...

Hi Chris - unfortunately I do not have Vesala's album "Neitsytmatka".