21 May 2013

S.A.Johansson-A.V.Schlippenbach-Paul Lovens--Idyll und Katastrophen-(1980 po torch)

One more , Lp on Paul Lovens Po-Torch label, to go with the Wonderful  Shares Below by Onxi and Nick 
Free Improvised Mock Cabaret?
 I've never been sure what to make of this, whatever it is , its nothing if not playful, and savagely ironic.
a great one on its own terms, plenty of characteristically delightful wobbly sprechstimme.
 More Keystone Cops than Company!!

a) Der schornsteinfeger; b) Im taubenschlag; c) Entfernungen (11.35)
Paul solo (01.35)
Bonbonbäcker asturiet (02.53)
Ensemble I (02.25)
Maarten solo (01.15)
Fichtengrün und tannengrün (06.33)
Zum teil mit filz (04.15)
Der westwind (02.38)
Derek solo (02.10)
Das lied von der äffin (03.05)
Candace solo (01.12)
Derek + Paul (02.04)
Günter solo (01.35)
Ensemble II (03.28)
Trio [DB/S-ÅJ/CN] (02.30)
Bugsierschiff (03.00)
Recorded on 26 November 1979 at Norddeutscher Rundfunk, Hamburg.
Cover drawing  by Marina Kern.

Sven-Åke Johansson, voice, accordion, percussion; 
Alexander von Schlippenbach, piano, drahtklavier, celeste; 
Maarten Altena, double bass, cello;
 Derek Bailey, guitar, voice;
 Wolfgang Fuchs, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet;
 Paul Lovens, percussion, singing saw, zither;
 Candace Natvig, violin, voice.

                                                        Po Torch Records PTR/JWD 6


Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thanks very much, looks really interesting!

kinabalu said...

Sehr angenehm, würde Ich sagen.

Todi60 said...

is it possible to get an alternative link. Can't download from mega. Old computer, i guess. Anyway keep the good work

James Manion said...

@Todi60, None of my bussiness but you need to download Google Chrome in order to download files from Mega. Sotise Thanks for this!

Nick said...

Thanks Sotise, lots of fun.

reservatory said...

I'm running an old Mac and can't upgrade to Google Chrome or the newer versions of Firefox and Safari. So you are running the risk of shutting broke-ass folks like be out of the fun. This is the first time I've been unable to download the great stuff here, so it really would be great if you could furnish links to someplace like Zippyshare. I would be satisfied with mp3s in this case. Thanks for all the great stuff up to now!

Anonymous said...

Great upload, thanks, but I can't download this either. A mirror would be highly appreciated.

reservatory said...

Just realized I can download on a forgotten laptop PC, so no worries here. Thanks again.

kinabalu said...

There is an add-on to Firefox here:


reservatory said...

@kinabalu - thanks for the hopeful tip, but the latest version of Firefox I'm able to use on my Mac is the one listed as non-compatible just below the download button. Someday I'll be part of the 21st Century, but not just yet.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, sotise.

@reservatory: try JDownloader, that may work with your old version of Firefox.

unitstructure said...

thank you! I've wanted to hear this for years.The album title,graphics,and music fit well.Who is Candace Natwig?

-Otto- said...

As much as I commend SOTISE for "attempting" to make this music available again, I LOATHE megaNZ just as much. I used to like the old mega because it was easy and convenient, but with the NZ reincarnation I am left out in the cold. Look, I've tried every single piece of help that was offered so far on various posts that include megaNZ links, but it doesn't help me - at all. I use a non-intel (G4) Mac with 10.4.x and there is no way in the world I can make it compatible with the megaNZ requirements. Firefox update not available to the latest incarnation (not G4 compatible), forget about Chrome, and Flash is the same deal. The latest Flash plug-in for G4 based machines running 10.4 is still incompatible with what megaNZ expects.

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Really, unless some merciful soul provides non-megaNZ links/mirrors, I can only imagine the music. Thanks for the promise of some awesome music; I keep my fingers crossed that some day someone will understand that megaNZ in its current form is not the way to go. Not for me and apparently neither for plenty of other fans of the sol.

Sorry about my rant. I'm just terribly disappointed.

-Otto- said...

Thanks, sotise, for this post. I hope I can listen to the music eventually.

onxidlib said...

I will provide a mirror soon...

onxidlib said...
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reservatory said...

@Otto (and all) - Ah, everything you said was close to my heart. I too am on a pre-Intel Mac running OS 10.4, and am mentally preparing for the day the entire internet closes down for me. In the meantime, Otto might be interested in a free Mac app called keka, which unzips everything I've thrown at it, including the 7Z files another prominent jazz site is using. I left a very similar comment there awhile back on finding it impossible to unzip any of their mouthwatering obscurities. keka offers a version for pre-Intel holdouts. As for onxidlib, thanks for the mirror!!

-Otto- said...

Great! Thank you very much for the mirror, onxidlib! And thanks also to reservatory for the tip. So far, The Unarchiver has served me well for all kinds of compressed files. I'll check out keka - just in case...

Thanks everybody for their post, comments, and help!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the upload and for the mirror. i'm happy i can get it now.

SOTISE said...

I've removed the link, Paul Lovens doesn't want any Po-Torch releases shared, he's still selling vinyl copies!