6 May 2013

PAUL DUNMALL & PAUL ROGERS - Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, 1997

Great Paul Dunmall is 60 today -- Happy Birthday Paul, and Thank You for the Music!

This wonderful duo recording was posted around last Christmas by Andy in Contributions section as wav. I did some minor fixations and converted it to flac recently, so here we go with modified photo from 4cd box Folks History (DLE 063), taken by Lynda Dunmall.

More thanks, Lady & Gentlemen.

Paul Dunmall - soprano sax, bagpipes, clarinet
Paul Rogers - double bass

Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, UK
27 September 1997

Five untitled improvised pieces, over 46 mins in total.


miloo2 said...



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Andy said...

And a great big happy birthday to you Miloo!!

wightdj said...

Thanks. Happy BDay to Dunmall!

onxidlib said...

Hey Miloo - happy birthday from me as well.

Wallofsound said...

It's a happy day for all of us. many thanks.

softnucleus said...

Mockrát děkuji Milo! A very good addition to the wonderful Folks (Slam 212) and Folks History. The latter I bought directly from Paul.