4 May 2013


A1. Unit A
A2. Unit B
A3. Unit C Part 1
B1. Unit C Part 2
B2. Unit D
B3. Unit E Part 1
C1. Unit E Part 2
C2. Unit F Part 1
D1. Unit F Part 2
D2. Unit G
E1. Unit H
E2. Unit I
F1. Unit J
F2. Unit K
F3. Unit L

Gilbert Aloir, tuba
Jean Bauchard, alto sax
Pancho Blumenzweig, bass
Anthony Braxton, reeds
Joachim Kuhn, piano
Hugh Levick, tenor & soprano sax
Ambrose Jackson, trumpet
Oliver Johnson, percussion
James Maceda, trumpet
Cesare Massarenti, trumpet
François Mechali, bass
Ray Stephen Oche, trumpet
Bob Taylor, tenor sax
Sabu Toyozumi, percussion

Recorded live at the Festival of Chatellerault, France, on 11 March 1972.

Ring Records ‎– Ring 01024/5/6, 1972

Vinyl Rip


wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

serviceton said...

I have heard this - but have no recollection at all what it sounds like.
I'm thinking a reacquaintance will be welcome.
Thanks Nick.

kinabalu said...

I have this record, but don't mind a digital backup. Thanks for your archeological services, Nick!

JD said...

Thank you very much.

chris_c said...

thanks, am new to braxton so am keen to hear this. love the disc he did with wolf eyes, but i'm guessing that's not typical.

Anonymous said...

This has been on my 'most wanted' list since first coming across mention of it in '74 or '75. My bucket-list is another item shorter!! Many thanks for the opportunity, at last, to hear it.


SOTISE said...

Braxton was riding such a massive creative peak in the mid 70's... this is so good!!

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this.

James Manion said...

Thank you again Nick most excellent

farosanderson said...

Wow! This one appears to be completely off the radar. I've got quite a bit of Braxton's 70's output but I wasn't aware of this one.. Very generous post, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting this now-obscure Braxton.

More info about this release from Discogs:



onxidlib said...

Thanks very much Nick.
Most probably the only Braxton album from the seventies I didn't have the chance to hear - up to now.

maready said...

Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of thank you thank you and thank you. I saw a copy of this in a shop a year or so ago for 200 dollars. I considered it seriously, but in the end did not buy it. Having recently gotten very heavily involved with Mr. Braxton's music for orchestra, I am very grateful to have a chance to hear this, the first recording of his notated orchetral music.

And so many thanks for everything over the past 5 years from Inconstant Sol/

Anonymous said...

Can you repost this one, links aren't active.

Ed Howard said...

I'd also love a reupload, this one is very hard to find. Thanks!

Jephgo said...

Please, please reload links.

Nick said...




Solomon said...

Thank you!

rev.b said...

I just saw Anthony and his current group at Duke University this past weekend and am going through yet another period of obsession with his music and methods. Thanks for feeding my addiction!

Ed Howard said...

Thanks so much!

Greeny said...

Thanks, Nick, for this wonderful Anthony Braxton! Why this haven't found its way to CD is a miracle to me.