1 April 2013

Futura Poesia Sonora

This is a collection of sound poetry, originally issued by the Cramps label in 1978 as a seven lp box and reissued in the 90s as a five cd box set. The cds sound as if they were sourced from the initial lp release and not from master tapes. They cover futurism, dadaism and surrealism and newer excursions into, shall we say, fairly non-sensical poetry and narratives.

Some of these tracks can also be found on the Ubu web site which we have included in the blog list in the column on the right.

Tracks are too numerous to be listed here, but please consult Discogs for the details:


Information about the arstists and selections are scattered here and there, but some net searches are bound to produce results. This posting is without the accompanying comprehensive booklet.

This is from a torrent site, in mp3, which for speech should be fully adequate, but if anyone has an upgrade, we would not say no.



kinabalu said...



birin said...

Che regalo! ...bello
come le uova che per Pasqua si trovano sotto i cespugli nel giardino. GRAZIE MILLE !!!!


Great! ...a ZANG TUMB TUMB post
Many Thanks

kosmikino said...

Noticed your links were dead for this post - found some new ones on Mega over here:


I didn't know this existed actually so it was a very pleasant surprise, even though I only speak English, it is still fascinating to listen to.

I was actually trying to find a rip of the recent compilation - Maurice Lemaître ‎– Poémes Et Musiques Lettristes Et Hyperphonie. Unfortunately as a CD-Digital buyer it has only been issued on vinyl in a run of 240 copies - fingers crossed a CD will get issued eventually or a rip finally surfaces.