8 March 2013

TOMASZ STANKO - Almost Green (Leo 1979)

"Almost Green" is fourth and last record by great Stanko Quartet with Vesala and Szukalski, this time with wonderful dwarf Palle Danielsson on bass. Released by Finnish label Leo Records in 1979, this album was preceeded by "TWET" (Muza 1974), "Balladyna" (ECM 1976) and "Live at Remont" (Helicon 1978), each with different bassist. But always the rhythm section sounded pretty heavy and whole quartet freshly and recognizably. Maybe it is wishful thinking from my side, but I often thought when listening to "Balladyna" that there are some similarities with great Elton Dean Quintet's "Boundaries", and I got that feeling again with "Live at Remont" and "Almost Green", which were completely new to me during last weeks... Thanks to original uploader svantetic and his former blog Almost Black, and to mew23, who kept this rip and shared it with us. BTW, "From Greenhills" theme is reprised as title track of Stanko's 1999 ECM album "From The Green Hill".

TOMASZ STANKO - Almost Green (Leo Records 1979)

Tomasz Stańko - trumpet
Tomasz Szukalski - tenor sax
Palle Danielsson - bass
Edward Vesala - drums

1. New Song  10:39
2. From Greenhills 3.36
3. Slowly By  5.27
4. When On Earth 10:20
5. Almost Green  3.42
6. Megaria  3.48

1-5 by Stanko, 6 by Vesala

Recorded at Love Studio, Helsinki, 1978, Mixed at Finnlevy Studio, Helsinki, 1979.

Leo Records 008 (vinyl rip)


onxidlib said...

Sorry Milo for deleting your and the other links.

Anonymous said...

this album is amazing! but the links which were here previously had a problem, not all the files would open.

I love 70s Stanko...

miloo2 said...

Ouch! Let's repeat important ones:

flac at rapidshare - original upload by mew23

scans of booklet to "1970-1988" 5cd box with Stanko's notes on history of quartet with Szukalski and Vesala at ulozto

Anonymous said...

thanks for reposting, but this is just part one of 3

miloo2 said...

Olie, there definitely is complete album in rapidshare pack, just be sure you got whole 255 Mb file. Or you can wait until afternoon - if I will be successful with uploading to sendspace, there should be cleaned up version, as this vinyl has disturbing cracklings, mainly in tracks 2 and 5. Anyway, my congratulations for your musical activities - I saw YouTube video of mighty Louis Moholo Quintet at Vortex from 2o11!

Anonymous said...

thanks Miloo!
I've tried downloading this twice, and both times could only open the first of the 3 folders. Not sure why, but I'll wait for the sendspace links


miloo2 said...

ulozto cleaned up flac version including "1970-1988" booklet scans. Disturbing clicks removed manually, using Audacity 1.3 Beta "Repair" function.

miloo2 said...

Olie, I was not successful with sendspace, but I hope ulozto link will work fine for you. If you need to switch for English, look for small flag at topmost right. Otherwise Stáhnout=Download, then captcha :-)

Anonymous said...

wored this time, thanks. great record....

miloo2 said...

Once more new link for CLEANED version


as previous one was maybe not much visible. Disturbing clicks removed manually, using Audacity 1.3 Beta "Repair" function.

serviceton said...

miloo - maybe I'm too late on this one, but Uloz.to first shows a download page, then a captcha, then you just get 'Stránka nenalezena'. It's gone already?

miloo2 said...

serviceton, here all is ok. might be some temporary drop, files at ulozto are stored ultimately or until deletion by uploader.

serviceton said...

On the 7th try - got it! So - pleased in the end.
Many thanks miloo.

Anonymous said...

This is perhaps my favorite Tomasz Stanko band. "Almost Green" is new to me, looking forward to listening. Many thanks.