20 March 2013

PAUL DUNMALL, PAUL ROGERS, PHILIP GIBBS. Don't take the magic out of life

The word is that eventually the whole of Paul Dunmall's DUNS Limited Edition catalogue will be available to purchase as downloads.  Until then Paul has given me permission to upload this one which is a big favourite of mine.  Passionately subdued.  Give yourself an hour to get lost in it.

Paul Dunmall,  tenor sax
Paul Rogers,  7 string ALL bass
Philip Gibbs,  guitar

1. Don't take the magic out of life  57.51

Recorded live at the Quaker Centre, Warwick
by Chris Trent
10 December 2005

DUNS Limited Edition 049


Andy said...






Nick said...

That's good news, Andy, I missed out on Mahogany Rain and haven't seen it since. Thanks too for this album.

Wallofsound said...

Many thanks.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

slovenlyeric said...

I am excited to hear about the possibility of Dunmall making the DUNS recordings available as downloads. Thank you for sharing this one.

The release of the 50 CD FMR box has kept me busy, but it always great to hear more.

bventure said...

Thanks, much appreciated. Do you know if Paul is intending to make the downloads available as lossless? There's a regrettable tendency to automatically associate 'download' with 'mp3'!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy an thans Paul.

I do have a number of the early DUNS, and there are quite a number of out of print CDs now.

What is that 50 CD FMR-box about? I used to be kept up to date by Trevor Taylor, but I haven't heard of that one.

Andy said...

@ Anonymous. The 50 cd box set on FMR is a collection of all Pauls FMR releases. A bargain if you don't already have them. Selling fast apparently.


Andy said...

@ bventure. When it happens, I shall make sure dls will be available as lossless. Good point.

miloo2 said...

Thank you Andy and Paul! Good news about availability of DUNS catalogue. If I can make a suggestion, it would be nice to find it on Bandcamp - here small example how it works (and nice avant-impro album from Czech with 'name your price' option in any format of your choice) -- poli5.bandcamp.com/album/doma-ensemble

miloo2 said...

I see the line-up info for DoMa Ensemble album was not supplied by label on bandcamp, so here it is:

DoMa Ensemble (Polí5 2011)
Dorota Barová - cello, voice, line6 device
Marcel Bárta - saxes & bass clarinet

Andy said...

Thanks Miloo. I'll look into this.

miloo2 said...

Cuneiform are already there too, Andy - http://cuneiformrecords.bandcamp.com - as well as Moonjune.

Andy said...

Thanks Miloo, that's encouraging.

matt w said...

Thank you Paul and Andy!

Owen said...

Thanks Andy, and thanks Paul!

I have the 50CD FMR box, well and truly worth it, not just for the music, but also the big book it comes with (fwiw it works out at only $3 to $4 per disc!) I bought mine direct from Paul and asked if a companion DUNS box might eventually be released. He said he's considering it. So if you prefer hard copies fire him off an email (address on his website) and tell him you'd buy one!

I have a dozen or so Duns titles, including all the 3/4 disc sets, but haven't this one. Thanks again for making it available.


unitstructure said...

thanks for the share.